Aegis Bitcoin Wallet Brings Digital Currency to Android Wear

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Aegis Bitcoin Wallet Brings Digital Currency to Android Wear
Google’s Android Wear OS was launched just six months ago that’s why its adoption is rather limited. Photo: Google Play

Aegis bitcoin wallet now can be used on any Android wearable device.

Aegis Wallet Wear is now available for Android Wear, new operating system developed for wearable devices.

The bitcoin wallet is limited now, as it does not allow making payments in cryptocurrency. Still, it will provide new opportunities for digital currency users.

Android Wear was commissioned only six months ago, that’s why its adoption is rather limited.

According to the Aegis Wallet Wear developers, the platform will operate on any type of Android Wear watches that are under development now. It will work on all models, among others Motorola’s Moto 360 and LG’s G Watch R.

The app enables users to monitor the bitcoin price and see the wallet balance. Moreover, its users will be able to send an alert after bitcoin transactions are carried out.

Although payments cannot be made with the app, if you want to receive a payment it shows a QR code with the bitcoin wallet address.

The app does not include NFC functionality that will allow transactions between devices and transacting with point-of-sales systems.

Bitcoin Security Project founder and Aegis Wallet developer Bojan Simic said: “At the moment, Android watches lack NFC functionality, so that is certainly a limiting factor.”

He continued: “However, it would be great if we could present a bitcoin transaction as a QR code and have a cashier scan our watch. Existing payment systems such as LevelUp do this already, and it would be great to implement the same for bitcoin payments.”

Anyway, the firm noted it is planning to add the feature in the future. However, it will require support from merchants and existing platfroms.

Simic beleives wearable devices have could bring new authentication technologies to mainstream users. He mentioned Nymi smart wristband, which scans the wearer’s heartwave using an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor. Wristband, glasses, smartwatches will help people to store data and money more secure.

He said: “Bitcoin is certainly only one application for two-factor authentication using wearables and there are limitless possibilities ranging from turning on cars to opening doors. I’m sure that there are also countless possibilities we haven’t even thought of yet.”

Simic added that the limited battery life is not a problem and people can recharge their devices anywhere they go.

The company intends to contribute to the bitcoin community by providing an open-source and free software.

The Aegis Wallet is now available for all kinds of Android devices. In addition, the company plans to provide iOS support in the future.

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