Anonibet Setting the Pace in the Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino Industry

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Anonibet Setting the Pace in the Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino Industry
Anonibet offers an anonymous betting experience, which rivals and in many cases exceeds the best online sportsbooks in the world, through Bitcoin. Photo: Evelina/Flickr

If you are looking forward to a Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino, Anonibet – the latest gold member of the Bitcoin Foundation – will not leave you disappointed.

Anonibet is the pioneer of Bitcoin Sportsbooks and Casino which was launched in 2011, when the Bitcoin was worth a mere fraction of what it is now.

Back then, people were skeptical about the use of Bitcoin for betting purposes, but as fervent believers, Anonibet stood firm and today, they are reaping the rewards as they have a World Class Sportsbook that can give the traditional Sportsbooks a run for their money.

Early this year, Anonibet broke new ground by becoming the only Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino to be a Gold Member of the Bitcoin Foundation. This move was befitting considering that even the Foundation was launched several months after Anonibet.

The Anonibet Sportsbook has a wide variety of Sports , from all the major American Sports such as American Football, the the minority sports such as bowls and floorball.

Anonibet’s Bonuses

When you make a deposit at Anonibet, you will receive an Instant bonus of 10 % each time, and this bonus stands out in the whole Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino Industry as it has a simple one time rollover, setting it aside from the trap bonuses that are available at most books.

The Sportsbook also gives a 10 % discount bonus monthly to all the players that place multiple bets and end the month in loss.

Another point of Convenience with Anonibet is that it is a one stop shop, offering a top of the range Casino which has interesting promotions all year round.

The first interesting promotion is the 10 % cashback whenever your losses hit the 0.3 BTC mark. There are no further strings attached to this Cashback as you can freely withdraw it if you have earned.

Furthermore, you can get to benefit from Free Spins in their slots whenever you have complete 15 rounds of games in the Arcade, Slot or Video Poker section of the Casino. They have promised even more developments in the near future.

For those that want to earn a steady bitcoin income, Anonibet has an affiliate program that rewards better than most as well.

They have a stellar commission structure on turnover, meaning the moment your affiliated members place bets, you will start earning, regardless of whether they win or not. So when you decide to look at a new Sportsbook, Anonibet will not leave you disappointed.

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