Apple’s iPhone 12 to Be Launched Today: Can Promises Made Be Kept?

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Apple’s iPhone 12 to Be Launched Today: Can Promises Made Be Kept?
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There are concerns that the iPhone 12 proposed to be in the market anytime after the online event today may not meet people’s expectations.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL), the United States-based tech company behind the iPhone brands is set to unveil its next product the iPhone 12 today. The iPhone 12 which is set to be released at an online event today is the company’s brand which fully incorporates the novel 5G network technology.

An analysis made by Reuters has suggested that the iPhone 12 proposed to be in the market anytime after the online event today may not meet people’s expectations as the 5G network still does not have full coverage in the United States to date. Now, the hype around the unveiling of the iPhone 12 is very high and the prospective customer’s expectations are increased particularly with respect to promised network speeds.

Boris Metodiev, a top executive at Strategy analytics gave a soothing analysis of the iPhone 12 when he compared it with buying a Ferrari for use on a village road where it will be unable to run its full potential. Only a handful of U.S. network providers including Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ) and AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) run a type of 5G network called millimeter Wave (mmWave) and though this network is seemingly becoming widespread in the country, its coverage as reported won’t go mainstream to reach all Americans until about 2025

As the Reuters analysis also detailed, another major source of disappointment the purchasers of the new iPhone 12 scheduled to be launched today will be in the dearth of specific 5G applications to work with the iPhone 12. The debut of the 4G network was accompanied by Facebook’s apps as well as YouTube and as of now, no such applications have been unveiled for Apple’s proposed 5G phones. Morgan Kurk, chief technology officer of CommScope observed that such applications will now only be made available once the apple devices have been in circulation.

iPhone 12 Release Today May Be the Firm’s Most Significant

The launch of the iPhone 12 may be one of the most significant milestones for the company as noted by Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) based on its 5G integrations. The iPhone 12 will be the capping compliment for the company that has been releasing several innovative products in the past weeks including the iOS 14.

Apple is a company that is renowned for amazing users with their products but there is a likelihood that the firm will likely beat expectations in Asian countries with a wide coverage of 5G technology like China and South Korea.

The company’s products in China, despite having a track record of supporting sales may suffer a stiff resistance due to competition from Huawei that is currently facing sanctions imposed by the United States government. Samsung will also pose a competition to the company in South Korea but the market traction the iPhone 12 will break into in Asia will likely have a better user experience than those in the U.S.

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