Bitcoin Black Friday 2015 Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Bitcoin Black Friday 2015 Guide: Everything You Need to Know
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Only today you can buy goods at best prices for bitcoin.

Today is November 27, Friday, and that means 24 happy hours for shopaholics all over the world. Bitcoin world doesn’t stand aside as well. The Bitcoin Black Friday website has already prepared a great range of advantageous offers from different sellers.

Only today you get a unique possibility to buy goods at rock bottom prices. More than 150 merchants are presented on the website. The list includes REEDS Jewelers, a large chain of jewelers shops; Nestorgames, seller of board games of all shapes and sizes; Bitsoap offering soap molded in the shape of a Bitcoin (or what they think a Bitcoin looks like!); Namecheap, services of domain name registration and web hosting.

The variety of offers doesn’t allow to enumerate all of them:

  • Hosterbox offers 50% off web hosting plans when paid with Bitcoin.
  • Mixed Tees comes up with 75% off for T-Shirts, hoodies and other apparel.
  • Discount code D9990654538 makes fees 50% less at InterMoney Exchange (the offer is valid for all countries except USA).
  • Tealet offers 40% for all kinds of tea.
  • Etsy will deliver all US order for free.
  • Piccana Digital offers 50% off for its SEO and marketing services.
  • Optical Cube has been reducing prices for its services for 20-50% for the whole month from November 10th to Dec ember 10th.
  • You will find 15% discounts for superfoods, chocolate, handmade natural cosmetics on
  • Stay Home Club, an apparel shop, offers a 25% discount.

You can find a full list of discounts on the Bitcoin Black Friday website. The day promises to be profitable both for bitcoin merchants and bitcoin users. It is hard to say whether it’s a coincidence but bitcoin price reached $368 yesterday.

Let’s find out who we must thank for these 24 hours of great discounts and bargain purchases. Bitcoin Black Friday was founded by Jon Holmquist in 2012. He admits to be a great fan of bitcoin. He has been involved in crypto industry since 2011.

And in 2012 he decided to organize Bitcoin Black Friday and teamed up with several merchants who agreed to participate in the event. We must note that the sale has become much more popular since that time.

In 2013 Bitcoin Black Friday was called the “most popular day in the history of Bitcoin commerce.” BitPay broke records, the website brought in 100,000 unique visitors. In 2014 BitPay informed about an 82% increase in the number of merchants who completed transactions compared to last year.

According to the U.S. National Retail Federation, the total number of people participated in BBF amounted to 133.7 million, a decline of 5.2% from 2013. Remarkably, no huge increase in digital currency sales was registered as no statistics on total bitcoin transactions was presented.

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