Mining Giant BTCC Donates 100 Full Bitcoin Nodes to Support the Network

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Mining Giant BTCC Donates 100 Full Bitcoin Nodes to Support the Network

The world of Bitcoin is observing a worrying tendency of decreasing of active Bitcoin Nodes. BTCC, Bitcoin exchange and mining giant, donated 100 full Bitcoin Nodes to the network and deployed them across five different continents.

It’s a known fact that the Bitcoin network needs to be actively supported. Deploying full Bitcoin Nodes can either enhance security of the network or facilitate broadcasting new transactions to miners and other nodes worldwide.

BTCC, one of the biggest Bitcoin mining pools and exchange platforms in the world, deployed 100 full Bitcoin Nodes to support the bitcoin network.

Shanghai-based BTCC is the longest-running bitcoin exchange playing an important role in the bitcoin ecosystem. The company permits its customers to use one integrated platform in order to take part in various segments of the digital currency field. Plus, BTCC is a leading company in the sphere of credibility and security, risk reduction, and innovative technologies. The above-mentioned firm’s aim is to offer the best and reliable digital currency services.

As a matter of fact, full Bitcoin Nodes, which implement the rules of the bitcoin network by validating blocks and transactions and serving a full copy of the bitcoin blockchain, have decreased, arguably leading the network towards centralisation, reads IBT. “The network has seen a 19% decrease in viable nodes over the past year to 5,280 at the time of publishing.”

Samson Mow, BTCC’s chief operating officer, commented the company’s actions:

“As a proponent and believer in bitcoin, we see both supporting core development and well as the bitcoin network itself as our duty. The nodes we deployed today will help to preserve the network as the number of full bitcoin nodes continues to decrease.”

Mikael Wang, BTCC’s chief technology officer, added: “BTCC has deployed ten powerful DNS seed nodes with unrestricted network access that are publicly available for anyone to use when hosting their own bitcoin core nodes. Simply connect to”

“What makes the deployment so interesting is how ten nodes are designated DNS nodes, which can be used by other Bitcoin network users to host their own full Bitcoin node. Each of these DNS nodes will aid in securing and trusting new nodes looking to synchronize with the Bitcoin network,” reads Bitcoinist.

In addition, Bobby Lee, BTCC’s chief executive officer, noted: “Most reachable full bitcoin nodes are located in the US. So we intentionally distributed the nodes we donated in countries that rank low on the full bitcoin node geographic distribution list. We encourage other bitcoin companies to join us in contributing to the bitcoin ecosystem by sponsoring powerful full nodes.”

In fact, BTCC deployed 19% of the nodes in Germany; 19% in Singapore; 13% in China; 21% of the nodes in the United States; and 7% each in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, and Japan. Here you can find a list of all the full bitcoin nodes that BTCC has actually deployed.

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