Bitgesell Coin Review: Insights Into Coin that Is Lighter and More Energy-Efficient Bitcoin

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by Benjamin Godfrey · 3 min read
Bitgesell Coin Review: Insights Into Coin that Is Lighter and More Energy-Efficient Bitcoin
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The lighter and more energy-efficient nature of Bitgesell marks a distinct difference from Bitcoin.

The digital currency ecosystem is growing at a very fast pace with approximately 19,500 coins and tokens around today per data from CoinMarketCap. Of this number is BGL, a digital coin that powers the Bitgesell payment network. Bitgesell has a lot of unique similarities to Bitcoin, but it is designed to correct some of the distinct loopholes found in the Bitcoin network.

Bitgesell is a next-generation digital token that is designed with several unique benefits, all backed by its unique utility which is to facilitate speedy transactions across borders.

Key Advantages of Bitgesell Coin

Many people consider digital currencies as the next evolution of digital money and this has added to the reasons why they are considered investment assets. But beyond this inherent underlying notion, cryptocurrencies can do much more and BGL is designed with a number of unique advantages which are outlined below:

  • BGL has a 90% Burn rate: Coins in circulation are reduced at a fast-paced level by burning 90% of the transaction fee. This means that Bitgesell will see an increased value of the remaining coins as the supply is lowered.
  • Halving Each Year: Bitgesell is also designed to operate with Halving as a notable feature. However, in place of the 4-year average halving cycle for Bitcoin, BGL is halved every year, further reducing the coins available and achieving zero emissions in a span of a few years.
  • Fully Segwit Supported: Bitgesell is a network that has fully implemented the SegWit protocol. The network is fast enough to withstand any kind of load and transactions will be confirmed at lightning speeds.
  • The Bitgesell protocol is notably lighter than Bitcoin despite both having the same supply of 21,000,000 coins. With a block weight of fewer than 400,000 bytes, BGL is 10 times smaller than Bitcoin, making it lighter and faster.

How Is Bitgesell Different from Bitcoin

While both Bitcoin and Bitgesell are coins as they both have their own blockchain protocols powering them, the unique halving model of Bitgesell comes off as one of the key defining features.

Bitgesell undoubtedly has a faster deflationary rate with its 90% transaction fee burn rate. Bitcoin is only deflationary in a passive sense as there will be no more coins to be mined after the 21 million supply is completely pumped into circulation. With Bitgesell, investors also have a far cheaper coin (currently priced at $0.0444) to stack up with a positive upward momentum with its inherent qualities.

The lighter and more energy-efficient nature of Bitgesell also marks a distinct difference from Bitcoin.

Key FAQs on Bitgesell

  • How does the Bitgesell coin work? Bitgesell is a cryptocurrency or virtual coin with its native blockchain and unique functionalities. The coin works independently from other cryptocurrencies, and the top Examples of coins in this category include Bitcoin (BTC), Stellar (XLM), and Litecoin (LTC) amongst others.
  • How many Bitgesell coins are there? The circulating supply of this Bitgesell is 15,759,016. The total supply of Bitsegell (BGL) coins is 16,015,501.
  • How much is the Bitgesell coin worth? According to data from CoinMarketCap, Bitsegell is currently changing hands at $0.04439.
  • Where to buy and how to exchange Bitgesell? The list of available exchanges where you can buy currency Bitgesell can be found here.
  • How to mine Bitgesell coin? Bitgesell works in line with the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism and anyone with the technical and hardware requirements can mine these coins with the Keccak algorithm. Popular mining pools that support Bitgesell mining include Zergpool, Bitaps, ZPool, and Mining-Dutch respectively.
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