’s Blockchain-based Social Media App Voice Is Live, Dan Larimer Shared His First Post

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by Bhushan Akolkar · 3 min read’s Blockchain-based Social Media App Voice Is Live, Dan Larimer Shared His First Post

With the official launch, the Voice platform is currently allowing early-access users to get post their content. After August 15, these users can send an invite to their friends and family to join the blockchain-based social media platform.

It’s finally showtime!’s EOS-blockchain-based social media platform finally goes live last week on Saturday, July 4. The launch comes just in time after the company preponed it last month. Currently, has launched Voice as a read-only experience for new users said CEO Salah Zalatimo.

The EOS-based social media platform currently allows already registered early-access users to post an publish the content. Post August-15 next month, these users can also send invites to new friends on the platform.

EOSIO developer announced the Voice blockchain-based social media platform last year in 2019. Using the EOS blockchain technology, Voice aims to solve many of the inherent issues of the existing social media platforms like user-privacy and the spread of misinformation.

In a years’ time, the Voice platform has made considerable progress having received good funding from its parent company The company purchased the domain itself for a record $30 million and pumped an additional $150 million in the development of the platform.

Taking Social Media Back from BigTech

Over the last decade, companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have dominated the social media space. However, it turns out that the lack of user-privacy and the spread of misinformation continues to remain a major issue on these platforms. In fact, many big brands recently pulled out their advertisements on Facebook.

These brands have accused Facebook of acting little to combat hate speech and decided this course of action. As it goes, one of the main areas of focus for Voice will be to overcome these issues at hand.

Some of the main features of Voice will also include mandatory verification and content monetization. Moreover, content creation on Voice will also be rewarded based on the popularity it gains. Besides, the Voice users also get token for showing up. Speaking of the recent launch, Salah Zalatimo, CEO at Voice, said:

“Iterating and optimizing a product like Voice is not feasible on a public blockchain due to the inability to rapidly innovate. We pivoted and decided to open up our platform for readers on July 4. Only registered users will be able to publish or engage. Registration will remain by request until August 15, when users can begin to invite heir friends. If you feel like the world needs a social media platform that doesn’t play politics, empowers communities, and respects your data, please join us and help create social as it should be.”

It will be interesting to see the Voice’s progress over the next few years and how it manages to uphold the true ethos of democratic process and governance.

Dan Larimer Makes First Post on Voice

Dan Larimer who is known for his contribution to EOS and Steemit, a social network that is now viewed as not a very successful predecessor to Voice.

In his first post on the new platform, he covered the issues of the democratic process and governance and criticized the existing system in the U.S. He also shared some ideas of how the process of voting can be improved.

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