Blockchain Company Creates Platform to Decentralize $100 Billion Gaming Market

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read

Blockchain-based gaming platform Network Units wants to decentralize the gaming industry, launches a token sale on November 23, 2017.

Adapting online gaming platform to blockchain technology is a development that is expanding the intrinsic essence of gaming, and increasing the potential revenue of gaming platforms.

The True Value of Time

In its actual sense, a huge part of the money made by gaming companies is as a result of the time spent by players who are engaged with playing those games. This apparently is the idea behind the more intriguing and interactive games that we have seen developed in recent times. Amidst other concepts, multiplayer gaming stands out as a very engaging concept and it is becoming a very popular design for games across major gaming platforms in the industry.

A multiplayer game is a game having several players, who may be independent opponents or teams competing against each other or collaborating to solve specific tasks. The interaction that is enabled by multiplayer games appears to support the social essence of human existence, thereby establishing a connection that attracts players towards the gaming platforms and engaging them to spend as much time as possible.

The gaming industry is endowed with numerous profitable opportunities, most of which are yet to be explored. Both game developers and the players themselves reserve a lot of revenue potential that is now beginning to come to exposure through the implementation of decentralized blockchain technology.

Opportunities Yet to be Explored

Some of the areas of unexplored potential, setbacks and limitations besieging the present online gaming community include:

  • Plenty of computing resources and bandwidth on PC’s and servers remain unused;
  • Writing your own network code and managing your own servers can be complicated, time consuming and expensive;
  • Without interesting incentivization gamers can quickly get bored of a potentially great game;
  • Cheating or broken matchmaking mechanics ruin entire gaming communities resulting in lost revenue;
  • Limited infrastructure at game launch can turn a good game into a failure.

An Industry Revitalized

In other to address these issues, blockchain company, Network Units (NU) is creating a platform that would open up the various opportunities that have hitherto lied fallow and untapped. At the same time freeing up resources and time for developers to concentrate of their primary assignments.

To achieve this the NU platform is designed to:

  • Leverage the unused resources of platform users in terms of bandwidth and computational power for it’s multiplayer infrastructure;
  • With NU developers can be freed of having to write complicated network code and the infrastructure that drives it for a reduced cost;
  • NU is designed to reward gamers that connect their wallets to their gaming accounts;
  • The NU Framework has is designed to improve fairness and help prevent cheating during gaming;
  • The NU Platform can seamlessly migrate players to larger servers.

Network Units Token Sale

Essentially, Network Units (NU) by implementing blockchain technology is decentralizing the gaming marketplace and offering participants at every level an opportunity to profit from the over $100 Bln market.

To this end, the Network Units’ team is launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The token presale is planned to begin on November 8, 2017 by 13:00 UTC until November 23, 2017 13:00 UTC. While the public offer will kick off by 13:00 UTC on November 23, 2017 until 13:00 UTC on December 22, 2017.

By freeing up time and resources for developers, greater quality products are expected to be introduced into the gaming industry while at the same time, by allowing gamers and service providers to participate the platform’s mining process, NU will create an ultra-fast, blockchain controlled multiplayer infrastructure rentable by developers.

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