Burger King Arnhem Joins Bitcoinstad and Starts Accepting Bitcoin

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Burger King Arnhem Joins Bitcoinstad and Starts Accepting Bitcoin
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Bitcoinstad has already encouraged more than 100 merchants in Arnhem to allow payments in bitcoin.

Burger King has become the latest enterprise to join Arnhem Bitcoinstad or Bitcoincity. Located in the very center of Netherlands’ Arnhem, one of the most bitcoin friendly cities in the world, Burger King seemed to have no other choice rather than start accepting bitcoin.

Arnhem Bitcoinstad appeared in the Netherlands when three Bitcoin enthusiasts came to the conclusion that they want to spend bitcoins in their own town. They started promoting bitcoin and explaining the advantages of bitcoin payments to local bars and restaurant owners.

When they opened Bitcoinstad in May 2015, there were 15 places accepting bitcoin in Arnhem. Since then, more and more shop owners have joined and now the number comprises around 100 bitcoin merchants including malls, coffee shops and restaurant chains. Thus bitcoin enthusiasts find it much easier to pay for goods and services with bitcoin in the city.

“When this project started, all merchants converted their bitcoins to euros immediately through the payment processor BitKassa, but a growing number of merchants now keep their bitcoins, since they can pay some of their supplies with bitcoins themselves at other merchants who accept Bitcoin as well. For instance a restaurant owner who pays for his bread at a bakery that also accepts bitcoins,” says the Bitcoinstad team.

Yesterday the Arnhem Bitcoinstad announced: “The project Arnhem Bitcoincity has reached a new milestone: There are now 100 venues that accept Bitcoin in Arnhem. The Burger King in the city center is the latest to join the project. For Bitcoin enthusiasts Arnhem is like heaven as you can practically pay everything with bitcoins.”

The Burger King Arnhem didn’t only start accepting bitcoin, it has also prepared a surprise – everyone who pays in bitcoin will receive a second burger (Whopper) for free. Moreover the restaurant promised to arrange bitcoin meetups for tourists and enthusiasts interested in bitcoin and digital currencies in general.

Today the Burger King restaurant will host a Bitcoin Meetup organized by Arnhem Bitcoin Users group. After the meeting the participants will enjoy the dinner at Burger King and then will move to one of the many bars or pubs in Arnhem Bitcoincity that accept Bitcoin.

Thanks to Bitcoinstad, Arnhem is a location where the concentration of merchants accepting bitcoin is comparatively higher comparing to the most parts of the world. Bitcoinstad aims at making bitcoin, and especially the blockchain technology behind it, an integral part of everyday life. The team regularly arranges bitcoin presentations to explain the possibilities of the cryptocurrency and thereby raise awareness among the population. With Bitcoinstad the future where everyone will be able to pay all expenses with bitcoins becomes possible.

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