The latest news from Bitcoin Gambling industry. Traditionally, it would take days to get deposits to a casino, and the same amount of time to get it back out. With the invention of Bitcoin, this is no longer the same. Instead, deposits and withdrawals can be handled instantly and securely at any time of the day or night.

Why the Bitcoin Casino is Taking Over Online Gambling
September 28th, 2018

Instant withdrawals, low fees and enhanced transparency make digital casinos a perfect choice for those willing to enjoy online gambling to the fullest.

Decentralized Betting Exchange Bettex Upgrades Gambling Experience
August 24th, 2018

High transaction fees, long lasting verification process, the third party commissions – all these factors can undermine the pleasures of the gambling industry. The new platform brings the benefits of decentralization to the betting markets.

Machine-to-Machine Communications (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) Stand to Revolutionize Casino Industry
June 20th, 2018

The advent of new tech that aids IoT utilization, optimization and security, enables casinos harvest more data and process it faster, creating user experience never seen in the industry.

Blockchain-based Gambling Platform Luckchemy Successfully Passed the Audit by New Alchemy
May 8th, 2018

The audit by one of the leading companies in the sphere of blockchain strategy and technology consulting was aimed at identifying security flaws in the design and implementation of the smart contracts.

Startup Gamblica Wants to Turn the Gambling Industry Upside Down with Blockchain Tech
April 23rd, 2018

Gamblica is created by gamblers and for gamblers. The online gambling platform has set an ambitious goal: to solve the problem of fraud and increase the industry’s credibility.

Cambridge Analytica Planned $30 Million ICO Before Data Scandal with Facebook
April 19th, 2018

Sources familiar with the matter said that the data analytics firm is also considering using Blockchain technology to secure their online data.

6 Amazing Alternatives for Hitting the Road with 37 Bitcoins in the Pocket
April 3rd, 2018

Do you know where you would go in case you had some Bitcoins? Have a look at 6 amazing travels the lucky guy who won 37 Bitcoins at FortuneJack can afford now.

After Succesful Pre-ICO, Gambling Platform Betrium Is Ready to Launch Main ICO
March 18th, 2018

Though the gambling industry is quite a well-developed sphere, still there hasn’t been a strong betting service. Betrium is coming to change the game.

Ethereum-Based GIFcoin Aims to Disrupt Online Gambling Industry
March 16th, 2018

VitalBet backed GIFcoin launches ICO to let investors grab a juicy share of the profits generated within gambling industry.

Will Cryptocurrency Take Over Online Gambling?
March 13th, 2018

Cryptocurrency has been generating a significant buzz in recent months, while gambling attracts ever growing number of followers. Are these two phenomena differ or they actually share the same nature?