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Hash War is On: Craig Wright Threatens to Crash Bitcoin Price Down to $1000
November 15th, 2018

Craig Wright, the man claims to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto and pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, has threatened to crash the price of ‘his’ headline cryptocurrency if miners support the Bitcoin Cash ABC project in the upcoming fork.

Bitcoin and the Overall Cryptocurrency Market Make a New Low for 2018
November 15th, 2018

The bloodbath in the cryptocurrency market saw almost all of the top ten cryptocurrencies losing 10-12% of its price in a single day. Overall market cap dropped by $28 billion.

Ripple CEO: We’re Taking Over Swift on a Day-by-Day Basis
November 14th, 2018

According to Ripple’s CEO, at least 100 SWIFT-connected banks have signed on with Ripple, and the company will take over SWIFT because of using blockchain — the technology of the future.

Ethereum Co-Founder: Blockchain Will Create More Wealth and Radically Change the Society
November 13th, 2018

Ethereum co-founder and ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin said that blockchain technology is able to change the mindset of the society.

Goodbye EOS: Stellar Wins the Spot Among Top-5 Cryptocurrencies
November 13th, 2018

Stellar Lumens (XLM) has managed to win over EOS, becoming the 5th largest cryptocurrency in the world by its market cap.

Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork Coming by Mid-January 2019
November 12th, 2018

During the latest conference call meeting, Ethereum developers looked positive on releasing the Constantinople upgrade by the mid of January 2019.

Low Interest from Institutional Investors Impedes Wall Street Crypto March
November 11th, 2018

Revolut founder Nikolay Storonsky presents some facts as to how BTC trading volumes have dropped sharply and why the recovery won’t arrive anytime soon.

Fake News: SWIFT Is Not Joining RippleNet
November 9th, 2018

Potential integration between SWIFT and Ripple, which would make Ripple’s products available to 4,000 new banks, is a faked rumour.

Top Global Banking Institutions Pledge Support to DTCC Blockchain
November 8th, 2018

DTCC’s cloud-based platform will join hands with several other organization to implement its blockchain-based credit derivatives services.

Bitcoin Bull Mike Novogratz Predicts a New Record High for 2019
November 7th, 2018

Novogratz says that there will be an institutional FOMO with Bitcoin expected to cross $10000 by the end of first quarter of 2019.