BTX Trader Introduced New Product to Simplify Digital Currency Purchase For Customers

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BTX Trader Introduced New Product to Simplify Digital Currency Purchase For Customers

BTX Trader has launched Celery, the new product that offers the fastest way to buy bitcoin and dogecoin.

BTX Trader, multi-exchange online bitcoin trading platform, has launched Celery, a new web-based product that will allow ordinary consumers in the US using the digital currency.

Celery, which will be available from July 25th, will offer the fastest way to buy bitcoin and dogecoin. The company employs direct bank transfers and the most straightforward user experience on the market.

In an interview with CoinDesk, BTX Trader COO Ilya Subkhankulov and CTO Divya Thakur said: “We tested [Celery] with users and watched them use the product. So, we feel that our onboarding and our user experience is superior to any other solutions out there, when it comes to a first time buyer of bitcoin or dogecoin.”

Celery users can choose ‘Packages’ to purchase $19.99, $49.99 and $99.99 in bitcoin or dogecoin. Consumers can also use ‘Custom’ version of the interface that is more familiar to current traders. Still, Celery does not allow credit cards buying.

Moreover, the users who buy dogecoin or bitcoin, will be able to share the message with other consumers. The messages are then aggregated on the main page.

BTX Trader is owned by WPCS International, the firm specializing in speciality construction, product integration and electrical power.

In order to open a Celery account, the users have to provide basic information, including first name, last name, email and country of residence.

Then users have to add their address, mobile phone number and bank account data. Celery also includes a short explanation why the information is needed. This feature is mainly targeted at new users.

For example, ‘Add a phone’ stage reads: “Please provide your mobile phone number to enable Two-Factor Authentication, a security feature that sends SMS codes to your phone to better protect your account. We will not contact you by phone unless absolutely necessary.”

Thakur also told CoinDesk that Celery intends to include other digital currencies in the future. Dogecoin was the first cryptocurrency the firm integrated.

Thakur said that dogecoin’s most attractive feature is its strong community. “We think dogecoin is a great community. It’s used in sites like reddit, it’s much higher volume than bitcoin tipping and there’s really no good hosted wallet for dogecoin,” he added.

Celery also joined expresscoin, thus becoming the latest bitcoin service to court dogecoin buyers.

Thakur and Subkhankulov noted that WPCS provided $1 million funding for BTX Trader earlier this year.

Thakur said that while they wait an insight from Sebastian Giordano, the company’s CEO, they are free to innovate. He told CoinDesk: “The way that really works is that we were on a call with them talking about our direction. They really keep us as a domain expert when it comes to digital currency.”

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