ChangeTip Releases Blockchain Platform ChangeTip Wallet

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ChangeTip Releases Blockchain Platform ChangeTip Wallet

ChangeTip, California-based ChangeCoin’s product, is going to let users express appreciation and make payments via monetary tips.

San Francisco-based ChangeTip, a social media tipping service, has launched ChangeTip Wallet, a blockchain-powered, decentralized platform allowing customers to send and receive bitcoin online. The platform bonds the convenience of ChangeTip with the ownership of private keys. In fact, ChangeTip Wallet is a great addition to the company’s tools making Bitcoin easy  to use.

The above-mentioned firm was founded by Nick Sullivan in 2013. Today, ChangeTip enables customers to send their micropayments in BTC using  social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, including  handling email and texting. ChangeTip Wallet users can instantly send money to friends, family, and even people users don’t know personally. The ability to send payments over social media without requiring complex payment information is a huge benefit of using ChangeTip. Powered by Bitcoin, ChangeTip is used to express appreciation, unlock ad-free content, deliver delightful well-wishes, repay small debts, reward excellent content, and also introduce others to Bitcoin, states News BTC.

Nick Sullivan, Founder and CEO of ChangeTip, stresses the fact that the launch of ChangeTip Wallet addresses all earlier concerns about decentralization and privacy by allowing customers to have more control over their accounts.

“We’re really excited to launch something that’s pure Bitcoin. Many in our community like ChangeTip, but shy away from the service because it is centralized. We talked for a while about creating this [new decentralized] product, and ultimately, we decided it was something we really wanted to build,” says Sullivan.

Again, as it was mentioned, ChangeTip Wallet is going also to make customers to control over their own private keys. A mobile or web app will be used to send and approve payments. Moreover, there are not any restrictions on account size, user locations, and transaction amounts.

Actually, the wallet is a nice tool to show the advantages of bitcoin technology to those who are not familiar with the system. The firm’s aim is to launch a product that fills a need in the ecosystem allowing others in the industry to develop and improve the technology. Plus, feedback from the community  is incorporated into development of the platform.

ChangeCoin, the company-creator of ChangeTip, believes the timing is right to start a decentralized platform allowing customers to hold and control their own funds. It’s necessary to add that ChangeCoin has raised more than $3.5 million in funding to pursue micropayments and bitcoin technology. Investors include Gil Penchina, Pantera Capital, and 500 Startups, reads CCN.

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