Circle Invest Adds EOS, Stellar, 0x and Qtum Now Totaling to 11 Cryptos Listed

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Circle Invest Adds EOS, Stellar, 0x and Qtum Now Totaling to 11 Cryptos Listed
Circle founders, Sean Neville and Jeremy Allaire. Photo: Circle Team / Medium

Investment platform Circle has listed EOS, Stellar, 0x and Qtum on its platform. The assets can be bought through the Circle Invest platform either individually or as part of a basket using the “Buy the Market” retail portfolio investment feature.

A global crypto finance company Circle is adding four new digital assets to its Circle Invest platform. With the new listings of EOS, Stellar, 0x, and Qtum, the total amount of digital currencies available on Circle makes up 11, which means that Circle Invest becomes one of the top apps for accessing a wide range of assets.

According to Circle, customers have two options: they can purchase new assets either individually, or as part of “Buy the Market” feature which allows buying a diversified crypto portfolio in a single tap.

As the company’s blog post states, the choice of these four crypto assets is based on their potential to contribute powerful infrastructure to the broader crypto ecosystem. With introducing new assets, the company has also added  “Explore” feature which will provide contextual and relevant information about different cryptocurrencies. The company said:

“As we introduce new crypto assets, we also recognize the need to educate our customers and bring clarity to this fascinating, yet complex asset class. We see an opportunity to shed light on the goals of each crypto project, the role of the crypto asset within the project and on what gives each crypto asset value.”

As the company has explained, EOS lets building applications with use of smart contracts. Developed to address some of the limitations that Ethereum currently has, EOS can conduct several thousands transactions per second, while the Ethereum blockchain handles only 15 transactions per second.

Stellar was chosen as an open financial network focused on providing low cost and near instant cross-border payments.  Aiming to bring better financial services to developing countries and unbanked populations, Stellar network can handle transactions in 5 seconds, which costs a dime a dozen.

As for 0x coin, it is an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain that allows trading crypto assets directly with one another. 0x feature is ‘Relayers’ that serve as exchanges built on the 0x protocol. They can collect trading fees in the form of the ZRX token, owners of which are provided with special voting rights and are able to influence further development of the 0x protocol.

And finally, Qtum, built as a hybrid of  bitcoin and ethereum, offers users the best of both assets.

Circle is a global crypto finance company founded in 2013. Aimed at making it possible for anyone to change the global economy, the company offers four products: Circle Invest, Circle Pay, Circle Trade, and  Poloniex.

In summer of this year, Circle announced its plans to get a federal banking license and become a registered brokerage and trading platform with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Circle, based on the Circle Asset Framework, believes that the new four assets correspond to the core values of the international cryptocommunity and hopes that with the help of these projects, mainstream interest to the company will be attracte and sufficient liquidity within the markets will be achieved.

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