Circle’s Bitcoin Bank Comes to Android Wear

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Circle’s Bitcoin Bank Comes to Android Wear
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Circle has added Bitcoin bank app support for Android Wear smartwatches.

Circle, the Massachusetts-based company, has announced the launch of its new free bitcoin app for Android Wear. The update enables users of smartwatches to monitor the rate of bitcoin in local currency and generate a QR code for receiving payments in digital currency.

Circle added near field communication (NFC) support that allows users of Android Wear app making payments and transferring bitcoin with the use of Android smartphone by tapping the device against something it plays along with. With the feature, transactions can be implemented between users without the Internet connection or even a wireless phone network.

Android Wear is Google’s operating system for wearables, including smartwatches. There are now only few wallet apps available on wearable devices. Last year, Bionym launched the Nymi wristband, which presents similar functions.

Currently, Android Wear is used by a range of smartwatches, including the Moto 360, the Asus ZenWatch and the Sony Smartwatch 3.

Last year, the company launched Bitcoin bank, a service that enables users to send cash using a debit card or a bank account, which is then converted into bitcoin. The app allows spending digital currency online without any transaction fees. Besides, users are able to spend cryptocurrency in physical shops. By far, the launch of the app is one of the most important steps to promote the digital currency.

With the latest update, the company brings bitcoin further into the mainstream.

Circle is a digital currency company, based in Boston, the US. Established by an entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire in 2013, Circle is committed to deliver products contributing to the mainstream adoption of digital currency. Last year, the company expanded globally by enabling people all over the world to buy and sell bitcoin.

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