Coinbase Customers in Select U.S. States Will Soon Be Able to Borrow 30% of Their Bitcoin Holdings in Cash

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Coinbase Customers in Select U.S. States Will Soon Be Able to Borrow 30% of Their Bitcoin Holdings in Cash
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Coinbase has unveiled its borrowing service which will go live later in the fall. Customers will get access to up to 30% of their BTC holdings.

At the heart of any business offering is the need to satisfy customers based on their consistent request. The Coinbase exchange, one of the world’s leading centralized cryptocurrency exchanges has come to terms with its customer’s request and is set to start giving out credit facilities in cash. The facility will be given to customers up to 30% of their Bitcoin (BTC) holdings.

“We hear from customers that they need cash for expenses like home renovations or car repairs, but they do not want to prematurely sell their crypto, or take out high-interest loans that could come with 20%+ APR. With portfolio-backed loans on Coinbase, customers can borrow cash quickly from their Coinbase accounts. No need to fill out a long application or go through a credit check. Customers can simply sign up with a few taps and get the cash in their accounts within 2–3 days,” Coinbase said in a statement.

The move by Coinbase exchange is similar to decentralized finance lending, a key trend in the crypto space as we have it today. Despite Coinbase being a centralized exchange, its move to delve into the world of lending shows in retrospect how flexible blockchain firms can be in responding to the world’s financial needs.

The Coinbase borrow service is scheduled to go live this fall and will be available in 17 states in the United States including New Jersey, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Oregon amongst others.

Dynamics of Coinbase Exchange Lending Service

Just as described, the borrowing process with Coinbase exchange will be more simplified when compared to what is obtainable in traditional banks. Through a simple online application filling out, customers can get their loans approved in 2-3 days. The Coinbase loan will be hedged against collateral which in this case is in Bitcoin.

This loan offering is unique as it will prevent customers from selling out their Bitcoins prematurely. The interest rate is pegged at 8% which is much lower than what is obtainable in banks. Each month, borrowers will only need to pay the interest accrued on the loan while and they can wait up to 1 year to repay the principal subject to Coinbase’ additional terms

While awaiting the official launch date, Coinbase is calling on eligible and interested customers to join the waitlist in order to have first-time access to the game-changing service.

Drawing Difference between Coinbase Borrowing and DeFi Platform Offerings

The original purveyors of lending services in the blockchain ecosystem are DeFi platforms such as MakerDAO, Compound, and Aave amongst others. While the DeFi platforms loan service is similar to Coinbase’s version in terms of collateralization, the offerings differ in who takes the gain.

DeFi platforms are not just keen on bringing financial succor to the borrower, they aim for anyone with residual cash on their platform to benefit. This is unlike Coinbase which shares profit with no external parties.

The true manifestation of Decentralized Finance is to enable the comprehensive empowering of the masses, away from the grip of financial service providers who give little or no room for people to get to the point where they personalize their financial transactions.

While the Coinbase borrowing service is a key for a centralized exchange, its potential impacts are too soon to analyze but from the exchange’s antecedents, this will be another service to extend its lead in the space.

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