Convert and Exchange Money Absolutely for Free: Zero Cost. Zero Fees. Forever.

Place/Date: - June 11th, 2015 at 1:00 pm UTC · 2 min read
Source: Halsey Minor, Founder & CEO of Bitreserve

By Halsey Minor, Founder & CEO of Bitreserve:

I’m thrilled to announce that Bitreserve, the world’s first real-time transparent financial service, is also the world’s first zero-cost service. For the first time in history, the ability to convert and exchange money can now happen instantly, safely and for free.

The evolution of money has shaped and powered the economies of the world since its creation in the 7th century BC. Today it has taken its most important step in its long journey.

Bitreserve now makes exchanging and converting the major currencies of the world as instant and free as email while removing tens of billions of dollars in fees and commissions charged by banks, bitcoin and credit card companies, and money transfer businesses.

When we say free, we mean it. Below are our new currency conversion rates. We let our members convert and exchange money (excluding precious metals) for zero cost, zero fees, and absolutely for free. Forever.

We are bringing to Bitreserve members the very same consumer-focused vision that drove the creation of CNET,, OpenDNS, Google Voice and the other cloud-based services that I have founded or cofounded. Each of these company’s business models have demonstrated that fundamentally better products can be created at low or even no cost to the consumer. When I was CEO of CNET I made the decision to give away content for free, and CNET quickly became a NASDAQ 100 company, valued at $7.5 billion at its peak. CNET transformed the publishing industry forever.

The legacy finance industry has grown adept at hiding costs from customers – where they extract fees from those in society who can least afford it. Now that Bitreserve offers its members the ability to convert and exchange money for free, all of us together take another giant leap toward replacing the current global financial system with one that is fair, inclusive, accountable and transparent — a system organized for the benefit of all people everywhere.

To immediately enjoy the many Bitreserve benefits, create a free account at and enroll in our membership program. Today is a big day. Enjoy!