Cryprocurrency Exchange UMEX Became Available for Trading in Beta-Testing Mode

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Cryprocurrency Exchange UMEX Became Available for Trading in Beta-Testing Mode
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UMEX Exchange team is glad to announce that today the exchange became available for trading in beta-testing mode.

UMEX exchange is a new player on the cryprocurrency market. Test trading on UMEX exchange started today, December 18, 2014, according to the company’s blog. Development of software that would be able to scale to increasing demands of the market participants and the bitcoin society took more than a year.

The exchange is aimed to adapt the traditional exchange structure to the cryptocurrency market. Traders get a workplace equipped with a professional terminal – similar to the ones on traditional financial markets.

All the clients of the exchange are going to be serviced by professional brokers – this will let them to service the clients in their native languages and consult them in accordance with the local law on the cryptocurrency market regulation. Safety of trading transactions is ensured by stop order processing engine implemented into the exchange matching system.

Besides, for the purposes on consistent liquidity, all the clients are offered to used UMEX Market Maker automatic system. The system monitors prices on several exchanges at once and provides them to the user automatically.

“UMEX business model was formed by the market in the process of natural evolution,” says Alexey Maximenko, CEO of InterMoney Exchange. “This distinguishes UMEX from the rivals. I strongly believe that the project will find its clients and occupy a proper niche on the market.”

The company offers you to test the following:

  • Trading terminal. Evaluate functionality of UMEX trading terminal – view information on the trading process and perform trading transactions. Adjust the workplace to your personal preferences.
  • HTTP API. Get information on the trading process via HTTP API.

All the participants of UMEX beta-testing will get 6 months of service free of and UMEX brokerage fees. To participate in the beta-trading, you will need to register on the website of UMEX broker,

UMEX is an international cryptocurrency exchange. Any trading activities on the exchange require an authorized broker. UMEX exchange is registered in  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). The exchange operates in strict accordance to the principles of its KYC/AML policy.

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