Pay with Crypto with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay with the Zeux App

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Pay with Crypto with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay with the Zeux App
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Crypto adoption for the masses still seems like a distant future but one London-based fintech believes it has the answer to stand out from other competitors in the industry.

Zeux has managed to address a real pain-point for everyday crypto users, providing full capabilities to simplify financial services, provide fast and easy crypto payments and investment returns – all in one app.

Use Crypto Payments in Everyday Life

Zeux has revolutionized crypto payments for everyone. Rather than wait for merchants to accept crypto, Zeux has created a solution to allow them to pay with crypto in all stores that accept Apple Pay or Samsung Pay – and in just one click.

They have simplified the concept to allow customers to spend their cryptocurrencies like they would any traditional currency. Recently they have announced multiple Chain partnerships which means apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT, you can use Qtum, VeChain, Bitcoin SV, NEO, NEM and IOTA to pay in stores.

This means as the value of crypto is on the rise, customers can take advantage, at any given moment, to make real-world purchases from their gains. A real game changer. What makes it even better? Zeux charges no added fees for payments, crypto-conversion or transfers giving maximum benefits for the consumer.

Zeux has also signed with Coinbase, a crypto trading venue currently valued at $8 billion that generated $1.3 billion in revenue in 2018. This collaboration is a significant upgrade as Coinbase will function as a crypto-fiat gateway for Zeux’s crypto payments.

About Zeux

Zeux has just completed the presale of their token ZeuxCoin (ZUC) at the end of May, which gives holders cashback on crypto payments and reduced investment transaction fees, which raised 5000 ETH in less than 2 full days. Their token sale is live now on their website from 7 June – 5 July 2019.

Zeux is available in the UK on iOS and Android, launching across the rest of Europe later this year and the wider-world in 2020.

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