Crypto Trading Platform AI Trader Annouces the Launch of OCO Trading Mode

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
Crypto Trading Platform AI Trader Annouces the Launch of OCO Trading Mode
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AI Trader broadens the list of available services and, along with Autonomous AI Powered Crypto Trading and Leverage Trading, enables trading on all pairs with both a stop loss and take profit simultaneously.

Nowadays the fintech industry undergoes the substantial boost powered by the growing capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence, which made possible due to the ability of already available computational and storing capabilities record and process the impressive quantities of big data necessary to fuel trading algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has obvious advantages over traditional approaches to market analysis, as, unlike human traders, it can make well-balanced and emotional-free decisions just in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it looks like a safe bet for cryptocurrency investors who are willing to save time on doing exhausting researches in a bid to forecast market trends.

Owing to AI, cryptocurrency trading becomes simpler and more sustainable, making recently developed autonomous trading platforms be able to mitigate and, more importantly, prevent losses by identifying market patterns that might not be detected by a human eye.

AI Trader represents exactly such kind of a cryptocurrency trading platform. Being conceived by Middle-East’s largest cryptocurrency miners located in Dubai, the platform is undoubtedly the next generation artificial intelligence trading ecosystem backed by machine learning.

Two basic principles of simplicity and transparency underlies AI Trader ecosystem that eventually has resulted into a disruptive platform beyond all existing paradigms of trading.

AI Trader uses AI to review and make trading decisions based on real-time market information, recognizing market conditions optimal for trading in order to generate gains. The platform is currently powered by Binance, but soon it will feature a host of other exchanges.

By now, the platform’s users were able to choose between Autonomous AI Trading and Leveraging trading modes, which both have successfully helped investors to trade in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. However, now AI Trader has introduced a brand-new OCO Trading mode.

The announced OCO (One Cancels Other) mode distinguishes AI Trader from other exchange platforms allowing either a stop loss or a take profit to be set, since it offers a unique opportunity to trade on all pairs with the ability to place both a stop loss and take profit simultaneously. Deep Learning AI, in its turn, studies current market scope using numerous indicators to analyze trends and emerging patterns to provide users with a real-time buy signal.

Sharing its mission of complete transparency, AI Trader does not leave its users in the dark. The platform provides latest trading results, which include the AI’s strategy performed in the last 30 days, also giving users a snapshot comparison of the achieved trading results versus holding on to a currency.

Today the system manages to yield 82% on average monthly returns when trading crypto currencies, and about 120% when leveraging trading across all strategies. Users also have an access to this information as the reports are posted on the website and updated in real-time.

The platform charges a monthly fee for providing valuable services to its users whereas collected funds enable further improvements to AI Trader. The platform provides a monthly package at 150 USD, a six-month package at 450 USD and an annual package at 600 USD that can be purchased for Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Credit Card/PayPal.

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Here is an independent review by Bitcoin Trading Challenge, a Cryptocurrency Day-Trader educating other traders within this market.

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