Cryptocurrency Platform Qora Comes Back Supported by CCEDK

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Cryptocurrency Platform Qora Comes Back Supported by CCEDK
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A second-generation cryptocurrency platform called Qora returns with a ‘stunning feature set’ and is initially supported by Denmark-based Crypto Coins Exchange DK Aps (CCEDK).

A promising cryptocurrency platform Qora launched on 16 May 2014 offering a great set of features created to solve Bitcoin’s most important issues. Then the company disappeared from sight.

Now, the second-generation cryptocurrency platform is going to come back with  a “stunning feature set” and promotional support of Denmark-based Crypto Coins Exchange DK Aps (CCEDK).

In July 2014, the organization published a press release saying that: “Qora promises to be the best hope for the future of cryptocurrency” and the Qora Community was “poised to gain market share in the current slew of altcoins [i.e. cryptocurrency] as a result of number of innovative features and fast-moving development processes.”

The statement also read: “While most other cryptocurrencies have been built on Bitcoin’s code, Qora was built from the ground up in Java, using native C libraries to perform the most CPU-intensive tasks.” It was noted too that whilst Bitcoin was popular, it has been “mirred in conceptual flaws” that cause its value to fluctuate wildly, reports Forbes.

So, Qora returns to provide customers many more features and tools. “It could be the phoenix of crypto,” says Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK. New marketing and further additions, a Turing-Complete smart contracts mechanism and a databases management system implementation are going to empower the whole infrastructure.

Some of the features  offered by Qora include trading assets for assets and multi-dividend payments for asset holders. So, the firm is said to be ‘proof-of-stake’ and doesn’t require miners. However, the interests of coin holders are aligned with those who secure the network.

“The cryptocurrency Qora with their social network and decentralized web is currently having a poll on whether to pursue some sort of integration with Bitshares 2.0, a financial network for cryptocurrency, and their SmartCoins like BitUSD, BitEUR, BitGold and BitSilver to name a few. This could help improve the crypto eco-system and make both Qora and Bitshares benefit from a strong set of features not seen with any other cryptocurrency liaison out there,” says Boesing.

As for CCEDK, the platform launched in 2014 to allow buyers and sellers meet and transact their business directly with the new digital currency. The Danish exchange acted as intermediary between parties. Plus, the company offers fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies like BitUSD and Nubits permitting customers to decrease volatility risk.

Boesing says: “Its development roadmap included an asset exchange for crypt– thereby aligning o-stocks; aliasing (a way to associate information with strings of characters, which enables all kinds of applications including decentralized DNS registration); decentralized voting; encrypted or plain-text arbitrary messages, and more.”

Qora, which has been added to the Danish exchange’s range of currencies, will trade against BTC and three fiat currencies – US dollar, Euro and Chinese Renminbi, reads Forbes.

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