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DECENT Network Introduces ATMChain

August 3rd, 2017 at 12:40 pm UTC · 3 min read

DECENT Network is pleased to announce ATMChain, a new 3rd party application, is being developed on top of the DECENT Protocol. Their ICO is expected to be announced soon. With the launch of the application to follow.

ATMChain is an intelligent, trustworthy and open digital media ecosystem with a focus on improving and streamlining transactions and the exchange of metrics between advertisers and viewers, a novel application for the rapidly expanding blockchain technology that it is being built upon.

Ad creators can publish ads while ATMChain distributes and rewards sites that post the content then rewards viewers for their attention and return data. Currently advertisers have difficulty targeting the appropriate audience and are often paying for ineffective ad placement. With ATMChain, viewers get financial incentive to watch, site providers get rewards for hosting the ad content and advertising agents get better data as well as traditional exposure at a lower cost thanks to 3rd party free transactions made possible through the DECENT Blockchain. ATMChain plans to use multiple crypto-tokens to achieve value quantification and circulation throughout the ecosystem, so payments can happen nearly instantaneously and with guaranteed trust.

 Utilizing the underlying blockchain technology allows ATMChain to provide services like smart contracts, smart contract triggers, automatic dividend transfers, data onchains, data queries, etc. It also provides much needed trust and security while offering transparency for media effect analysis or data reports.

“DECENT as the underlying protocol is not only the cornerstone for ATMChain, but a robust high-frequency blockchain that gives our product a significant boost in terms of technology support,” said Kevin Yan, chief architect of ATMChain.

“ATMChain’s adoption of our technology is another indicator that DECENT Network provides a great foundation for any 3rd party application that might have a good idea but needs a strong blockchain to get there,” says Matej Michalko, founder and CEO of DECENT.

 About ATMChain

ATMChain is an open platform ecosystem built on blockchain technology with a focus on media advertising. The project aims to help advertisers better locate and effectively reach the target viewer and via blockchain, directly reward the viewer to increase conversion and obtain better metrics. The system can provide access to third-party information such as cinema, or social networking through a subsystem API and can subsequently extend its reach to offline industries. Users get access to more relevant ads as well as incentive for viewing and advertisers can get superior data and less expensive ads by paying host sites directly.


DECENT is a blockchain-based digital media distribution platform designed to bring more transparency and fairness to the media industry. DECENT allows artists to efficiently distribute any form of content online without having to wait for payment or pay hefty fees. DECENT’s purpose-developed blockchain will revolutionize data distribution, saving content producers money and giving them more control without compromising on security.


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