DUCATUR Offers MultiChain Oracles Framework for Decentralized Autonomous Corporations

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
DUCATUR Offers MultiChain Oracles Framework for Decentralized Autonomous Corporations

The project has created the ecosystem that covers most of the issues Decentralized Autonomous Corporations face: implementation of blockchain for business, integration with clients networks, reliable on-chain and off-chain data transfer, etc.

Blockchain has opened up new opportunities for the IT sphere. Its security, transparency and high speed of transactions have already solved lots of problems. However, the implementation of blockchain is a challenge on its own. The complexity of this task significantly increases when the data management has to be working both on-chain and off-chain. DUCATUR is a project which may solve all these problems with its MultiСhain Oracles Framework and MultiСhain Token.

Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DAC) are sharing the main concept of blockchain. While blockchain is just a technology, DACs are collective activity organizations that are using a strict set of rules to transfer information. The rules behind the system can be neither changed nor hidden – and that fact makes DACs extremely popular.

The future of DACs seems to be prosperous, but these organizations face some difficulties. The biggest problem is the need for the development of their own blockchain. This is the core element for the successful functioning of DAC – and it requires lots of work. And even when the basic stage of the development is over, the integration into clients networks may become a troublemaker.

DUCATUR offers a simple solution which can eliminate most of the problems DACs are facing at the moment. This project has developed a revolutionary multi-chain oracles framework that can be used for reliable data exchange between the interacting participants on the blockchain. The created connection is secure and completely reliable.

There must be a good reason for DACs to choose DUCATUR as their main solution. The project has analyzed the current state of affairs in the sphere and has determined the key feature of the ecosystem which is needed by DACs: a framework solution. DUCATUR can help to implement blockchain for business and the oracles technology. The creation and registration of Oracles can also be conducted within the ecosystem as well as using them for supplying, sharing and verifying data. One more notable element of the ecosystem is a multichain Reputation System of Oracles. And no blockchain-based ecosystem can be imagined without its token.

DUCAT token totally deserves a special mention as it is the first Multichain Token available on ETH, EOS, NEO. As DUCATUR allows to implement blockchains in all of the above network, the demand for the token will grow as the Framework gets more supporters. The pre-sale is already live and till the 1st of June all the early supporters are to be rewarded with a 10% bonus. The end of token sale is scheduled for the 30th of June.

DUCATUR has created a Multichain Oracles Framework – but it is more than just a stack of technologies and innovative solutions put together. Blockchain is developing at breakneck speed – and DACs are growing rapidly. DUCATUR framework is an opportunity to get the strong competitive advantage and significantly increase the pace of development.

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