BEEFY Tokens Illustrate an Explicit Example for Perspective Investments

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read

ICO tokens are perspective investments especially when you’ve decided to put up money into the projects like Bank4YOU that really have the potential to scale up and give you enormous returns.

Tons of new projects choose to hold crowd-sale campaigns where they offer investors to join an early opportunity to buy a share of the project via a purchase of tokens or coins that primary utilized to maintain a blockchain-based ecosystem. Every day newly born ICOs make headlines for booming cryptocurrency world that is no wonder as demand breeds supply and today ICOs represent the hottest kind of investment schemes.

Despite nascent market fluctuations and increased competitiveness, many ICOs have recently succeeded in reaching out their long-term goals for projects’ development and especially in measuring the yield for investors. Coins skyrocketed, their price doubled, or tripled, in relation to their initial value during the crowd sale.

Clearly, blockchain technology has a bright future since it is constantly proving the ability to achieve things that only the most enthusiastic nerds could have imagined years ago. Fortunately for all late adopters, there is still an opportunity to jump aboard the crypto train and try luck on cryptocurrency investments. Considering that eventually most of the people will be somehow engaged into crypto transactions, so why not starting with BEEFY tokens right now?

BEEFY tokens are backed by London-based Bank4YOU Group that represents an international consortium of fin-tech service companies operating within the electronic mobile payment services arena. Bank4YOU provides its customers with a service that no longer depends on bureaucratic procedures associated with traditional banking as the customers are able to choose their ideal product from a wide range of pre-paid card options along with mobile banking services.

Being built with blockchain in mind, BEEFY token secures full transparency as well as an advanced layer of customer’s protection. It enables a holder to transfer mobile money out of any point of the world by the means of innovative Mobile Money Remittances System developed by Bank4YOU Group. To become the part of Bank4YOU Group community and enjoy free remittances movement all around the globe one should simply buy BEEFY tokens.

The issued BEEFY tokens has been distributed during Bank4YOU ICO event enabling investors to make their contribution towards the further project’s development. According to the Bank4YOU roadmap, the crowd-funded means were spent on the elaboration of its system of mobile money, development of new software, incorporation of micro crediting system, and new financial services based on blockchain.

Bank4YOU ICO is over, however, wannabe investors still have a chance to buy BEEFY tokens at several exchanges. BEEFY tokens are now listed on Mercatox, Bitlocal and Idex exchange platforms where they are available for even better price than the one set during ICO.

It is a common fact that the investors who reap most substantial profits are also the ones who are the most patient ones. Thus, the ability to see long-term view and ignore daily fluctuations is difficult to master and easy to overlook. As crypto asset adoption spreads, it assures that tokens such as BEEFY, will gain enormous value tomorrow. For this reason, investors should not miss out a chance to become the part of Bank4YOU Group’s bright and innovative community that opens a door to the fascinating world of blockchain.

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Sofiko Abeslamidze

Sofiko is a freelance fintech copywriter at Coinspeaker. With a Bachelor degree in International Business and Economics, Sofiko has been deepening her knowledge of an agile innovative industry primary focusing on the robust blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As a bank employee, Sofiko particularly keens on crypto and blockchain integration into the established banking systems.