Elon Musk Continues with His Property Selling Spree

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Elon Musk Continues with His Property Selling Spree
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After tweeting that he will own no house on May 1, Elon Musk has now 5 other properties for sale worth more than $100M.

One of the most vocal and open-minded billionaires Elon Musk is shocking his followers after living to his promise of disposing of almost all his possessions. According to Musk, physical property is mere weight and distraction from his long term goal to improve humanity.

Musk has been on the limelight in the recent past for his hardcore sentiments and actions against the government’s shelter-in-place order. The billionaire has been quoted saying that people should be left to decide for themselves whether to stay at home or go outside.

Musk told Joe Rogan:

“I saw this whole thing play out in China before it played out in the United States. It is like watching the same movie again but in English.”

At the beginning of the week, Musk reopened Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) only factory in the United States, defying the local government’s order to remain closed. He previously had threatened to relocate the company from California to Texas, in a bid to reopen the manufacturing of the electric vehicles.

The ambitious billionaire is a few miles to unlocking his $55 billion award from Tesla, as contained in his 2018 agreement with the company. With Tesla’s market value reaching a threshold needed for Musk to collect $1.6 million stock options, it only adds more value to his existing wealth. As a result, Musk will be worth more than $38 billion.

His recent actions make him spontaneous and very unpredictable. The innovative billionaire has previously said in interviews that he is aiming to land a rocket on Mars, to save humanity from any possibility of dark-age.

Elon Musk List Another Property for Sale

Previously, Musk listed two houses from the Bel Air region on the Zillow real estate website for around $39.5 million. One of the houses with 5 bedrooms was to be sold at $9.5 million, whereby it had monthly bills of more than $41K. According to Musk, the house is the former home of Gene Wilder who played Willie Wonka in the timeless classic.

On Wednesday, the billionaire listed four of his Los Angeles area property as for sale. Collectively the houses will be sold for around $62.5 million. Besides, he also listed a mansion in England for $35 million.

“Possession kind of weighs you down. They are kind of an attack vector, you know? People say, ‘Hey, billionaire, you’ve got all this stuff.’ Well, now I don’t have stuff. Now, what are you going to do?” Musk said in a recent podcast interview with Joe Rogan.

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