‘Faketoshi’ Craig Wright Deletes Twitter Account Raging

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‘Faketoshi’ Craig Wright Deletes Twitter Account Raging
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The Australian businessman and software developer Craig Wright has always been at the first rows of social media controversy. Now, he had his Twitter account deleted following a series of threatening tweets.

Craig Wright, famous for his claims to be the actual Satoshi Nakamoto, is a controversial figure in the crypto space, closely tracked on social media, and often ridiculed.

Wright claimed the protected nature of his Twitter account meant that the @BotFaketoshi was, in fact, breaking copyright law and stealing intellectual property.

However, there is a funny side. A Twitter user, @big_blockers, came forward to inform the Twitterverse that Jihan Wu, the founder of Bitmain, was now following the parody account as well. Roger Ver and Jihan Wu previously had a strong disagreement with Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre during the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash.

After abandoning the @ProfFaustus persona over the weekend, Wright briefly moved to another protected account, which was also suspended. Currently, the most flamboyant “true Satoshi” claimant has abandoned his followers and ceased his Twitter activity.

CCN’s reporter P.H.Madore has been one of his most cautious observers and he said:

“Ever since he failed to initiate a transaction that would have proven him to be [email protected], I’ve wondered what makes this guy tick. He’s a millionaire, after all. He’s definitely been in Bitcoin a long time, as evidenced by the serious lawsuit against him.

But is he Satoshi? Part of me hopes not. I want Satoshi to retain his anonymity. The second Satoshi becomes a person, there’s a risk that Bitcoin becomes a security. That’s only one reason why it’s better Satoshi stay beyond the grave, of course. The international banking cartel would surely whack him.”

Of course, with this news, Wright’s opponents were jubilant. Whale Panda, who is one of the more vocal opponents of Craig Wright posted the following:

The @ProfFaustus Twitter handle has stirred multiple controversies, from initially supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as “the real Bitcoin”, to later moving to support Bitcoin SV, the fork-from-a-fork which offered different rules for the network. Wright went on to support large blocks and known, dedicated miners.

Wright also shifted his views on what exactly “Bitcoin“ was, and which network had the claims to the primacy. He even threatened to have mechanisms to destroy the project.

Just few days ago he tweeted:

“Well, I planned to allow BTC to die slowly so some could get out. But, I guess that it will be accelerated with idiots who are going to end in court.”

Wright’s tweets were often distributed for their ironic value. Redditors have noted that the bot account allowed for a livelier criticism and even mockery, which Wright would have deleted on his own Twitter account. But Wright also observed the bot’s activity and even replied to comments through his original Twitter handle.

Wright’s claims to be Satoshi have been widely dismissed as lies by the crypto community, and he has also been controversial due to his involvement in last year’s unpopular hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and already mentioned BCH SV (Satoshi’s Vision). Nevertheless, he continued to publish defiant posts to his 60k followers via his Twitter account, criticizing the development of the Bitcoin network.

Sued By the Real BTC Developer?

We already wrote of how he ignited the fierce competition between Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain making his contribution to the CFTC’s callout.

However, last year, Wright was sued for $4 billion when the estate of David Kleiman — a computer scientist and cyber-security expert, whom many suspect to have been one of the developers behind Bitcoin and blockchain tech — claimed that Wright stole billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin.

According to the plaintiffs, Wright recognized that the family were unaware of Kleiman’s wealth and “forged a series of contracts that purported to transfer Dave’s assets to Craig and/or companies controlled by him. Craig backdated these contracts and forged Dave’s signature on them.”

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