Future of Finance and Tech throughout the Davos Week

Place/Date: Davos, Switzerland - May 18th, 2022 at 7:50 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: EmTech Invest Hub

The EmTech Invest Hub is back to Davos, Switzerland, May 21-26, 2022 with the series of the exclusive events hosted by the International EmTech Investment Association and EmTech Metaverse covering top stories on DeFi, Sustainability, NFT, Immersive reality, Holograms and Global Finance.

Alena Yudina, founder of the EmTech Metaverse, expert in visualization of tech solutions in immersive reality, shared her anticipation for the upcoming Davos week: ‘ After 1,5 years we are thrilled to be back to Davos and discuss the trends with opinion and tech leaders.

The entire week of full immersion into the tech world starts with workshops on Smart contracts from Cardano, Metaverse competition by Pax.World, MDH Hologram Show and real life WEB 3 card payments from Ammer Wallet and Trustody.

Only imagine being able to buy a drink using your cold wallet in a form of credit card, listen to a person speaking miles apart as you were standing right close to each other thanks to Hologram. If this is not a real technology showcase, then what is?

Second day, May 22nd, offers a variety of panel discussions on Sustainability in Finance and Tech. DAOs, Banking and Blockchain challenging the status QUO. Challenges of society are reflected in technological progress. Honorable speakers from GCC, Europe and US will demonstrate solutions for sustainability, smart cities and fintech.

The day opens with the panel discussion: Blockchain for sustainability. Among participants GBBC, IEEE Blockchain Initiative,  Saphi. Following by the by Office of HH Sheikh Al Quasimi, European Crypto Initiative (EU carbon credit trade), presenting their solutions at ‘Blockchain powered Smart Cities’.

The next day, May 23rd, shares insights of DeFi and gathers leading industry players from Polygon, Solana, Near, Cardano who will be talking about the future of blockchain. The panel will be moderated by Hacken. Also guests will be able to ‘Dive into DeFi’ with SwissBorg and 0VIX workshops.

The Lunch with DAO highlighting building a truly decentralized community will be a lively debate engaging an audience and uncovering challenges faced by all crypto communities.

Leading by Coinspad, company providing cryptocurrency payment services and personal wallets, will slowly close the official part of the third day.

Coinspad enables customers to operate worldwide, to decrease costs and to reach new markets. CoinsPaid operates under Dream Finance OU, registered and licensed in Estonia.

May 24th is announced to be  ‘The Investor day: Insights from VCs with over 500 millions AUM.’

The Venture Capitalist community will gather together at the EmTech Investment Hub in Davos May 24th. Among participants are VC funds with over 500 millions AUM, private investors, and extremely fast growing blockchain & tech projects. VCs will share unique insights on the panel discussion: ‘Success is hard to earn: how to eliminate costly mistakes for the Startups’. Funds and investors will shed light on how it’s better to streamline the process of setting up the business, pitching business models etc. Each project will not only participate in the *FinTech Start up award*, but also be given valuable assessment and feedback on strategy & business model presentation.

Rightfully, one of the most exciting days of the week is going to be May 25th as EmTech Investment Hub will present a Polygon Lounge with Ecosystem Talks & Matic payments.

The evening activities shall be as thrilling as the day ones since Cointelegraph and Polygon host a reception in the heart of Davos: light jazz music, crypto gurus, champaign – the most perfect combination after the eventful week behind.

Join the Polygon lounge and make meaningful change in the world.

Founder of the EmTech Investment Hub and Quantum Leap Strategy AG, Alena Yudina, is excited to announce more. Being always involved in work with Swiss Banks and Regulators, Quantum Leap Strategy AG will host a high-level event on the Fututre of Finance and Monetary Reset 2022,  on May 25th at The Hard Rock Hotel. Keynote from the one of the top Invest Funds Mindful VC; Panels: Are Cryptocurrencies a good hedge against inflation?; DLT, Crypto and Global Trade ; Monetary Rest Forecasts; are expected to gather the top institutional and private investors.

Among already confirmed speakers are Swiss Banks, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), International Labour Organization (ILO), SwissBorg, PwC, AltAlpha Digital fund  and many more.

Coming back to the last day of the EmTech Investment Hub in Davos, May 26th. NFT and Metaverse – Closing week with MetaverseTalks, Swiss banks in Metaverse reality on MetaBloqs and top trends. This is a unique chance to create an alternative reality of Davos, where real technologies demonstrate themself. Walk in Metaverse and use modern technology in one click.

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