GIA Sunrise Inc: A Blockchain-Based Group Innovating Digital Economy

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GIA Sunrise Inc: A Blockchain-Based Group Innovating Digital Economy
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GIA Sunrise Inc, digital asset management corporation specializing in the blockchain commodity management and execution of arbitrage, works to shake up digital economy and become the leader in the destined-for-success blockchain tech.

Digital commodities are all the rage these days. From cryptocurrencies to ICOs and other connected promotions, digitally owned assets are the present and future of the economy. It is expected that the digital world will explode in the coming days as masses get to know the benefits of blockchain.  But, just like any technology, Blockchain-based decentralized platforms or digital assets need reliable execution and scalability in face of unprecedented growth stats. The right amount of liquidity, smooth execution, and competitive pricing is what is needed for better digital currency and asset management.

GIA Sunrise Inc

GIA Sunrise Inc is a new digital asset management corporation that is aiming to become trend leader in the digital commodity management sector and contribute to the coin economy and the world economy in general. They basically are an investment company, in which people entrust their investment, so that the GIA specialists trade and share the profits with the investors.

The Future is in the Blockchain Assets Space

GIA Sunrise is banking on the phenomenal success of the Blockchain tech and its ability to adapt to any industry around the world. The futuristic phenomenon is becoming a must-have for industrial, commercial, agricultural, financial and other sectors of the economy. Most companies have adopted Blockchain technology in their system not because of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) phobia but because of genuine belief in the new approach. Even governments themselves are very much interested in the blockchain technology and are investing in ways to incorporate it into the national systems. So, in short, Blockchain has been universally recognized as the technology of the future.

But, at the same time, there are certain roadblocks for the future of Blockchain Technology. Some currency networks aren’t designed to scale so much, and so rapidly while some industries are facing challenges because of this scalability issue in adopting Blockchain. GIA Sunrise aims to solve these problems.

The Team

The GIA Sunrise team includes James Smith as CEO, Han Rui as COO and Xie Ming En as the Chief Information Officer. All of these executives bring different skill sets to the table. James Smith has been the founder and CEO of GIA and has been instrumental in the initial success of the investment platform. The group has substantial partnerships with a number of cryptocurrency exchanges and partnerships including BTCC, OKEx, Bithumb, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase, AEX, BTCBOX and several other important startups.

The company has been posting impressive gains for the past few years since their involvement in the digital asset industry. They have considerable presence in the Asian cryptocurrency markets and are looking to further consolidate their position and win clients from around the world.

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