Google’s New Pixel 4 Gears up to Be King of Androids

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by Tolu Ajiboye · 3 min read

Google has unveiled its new flagship smartphone offering, the Pixel 4, which has been positively welcomed by the community.

Google in its recently held event, unveiled products including Pixel 4, Pixel Buds and Pixelbook Go as well, on Tuesday. The long-awaited Pixel 4, after several months of unconfirmed leaks and several speculations, seems to have met general expectations and turned a few heads.

Google revealed the Pixel 4 and a larger version – the Pixel XL – with more than a few interesting features. Firstly, access to Google Assistant which is present on other Android smartphones is a lot faster and more sophisticated. The Assistant can access certain apps and allows users to easily share media from the Assistant to these apps, even third-party ones.

One of the phone’s biggest offerings is its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) functions. The phone employs Soli technology that uses radar functions to let users control the device, using different gestures. For example, users can use gesticulations to skip music play, snooze alarms, or scroll up and down on a web page as the case might be. Gesture functions have been available before now but this is a bit more sophisticated. The phone can “differentiate” between random gestures and those specifically targeted at the phone, reducing the chance of mistaken activation. The Pixel 4 can detect when a user is about to pick it up and light up, easily unlocking when it detects the owner’s face.

Google has however not launched its new phone in India and citizens are extremely disappointed, and maybe a little upset. According to speculation, analysts believe that the motion feature on the phone makes use of radar technology which is not permissible in the country. The displeasure with this problem is quite pronounced as many people believe that Google should have either found an alternative for countries like India or gone ahead to exclude the feature in said countries.

The Pixel 4 also uses a camera pair that looks a bit like the iPhone 11’s version and includes lenses with 14 and 16 megapixels respectively. The phone also has significantly improved camera quality and super zoom which is fantastic for close-up pictures. Furthermore, it greatly improves the technology with pictures in dimly lit areas with considerably impressive quality.

As for competition, Google might not have much going for it. The Pixel 4 is offered at $799 with the XL version a $100 more at $899. Other new releases from giant phone makers including Apple’s iPhone 11 as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S10 are about $100 cheaper. This might be a hurdle Google would have to face if it intends to properly permeate the market.

The new flagship smartphone is also thought by a few market analysts, to have a strong chance to win over the U.S. market quite considerably, especially because of the several restrictions being faced by Huawei in the country. If they are right, then Google has done a fantastic job of presenting a great product at easily one of the best times.

Google revealed at its event, that AT&T, Verizon and a few other networks would be among the supported carriers for the phone in the U.S. However, the European market is a whole other story. Carriers in many countries make it a lot easier for people to obtain high-end products because of contracts being offered and this is quite pronounced in the European market. However, it would seem like Google is still a lot more focused on the U.S. than Europe and if that is the case, Huawei might be unaffected in Europe.

Google’s Pixel 4 will be available from October 24.

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