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HADA DBANK Secures its First Corporate Client Überstate

May 22nd, 2018 at 7:34 pm UTC · 3 min read

HADA DBank has managed yet again to reach another milestone. 2 weeks into their ongoing token sales, Überstate signed the deal to become HADA DBank’s first corporate client, in an agreement that oversaw a purchase of 1 Million USD worth of HADA Coins.

This agreement will see the true spirit of the crypto-community in supporting each other, to build a more vibrant and sustainable crypto-nomy and ecosystem.

Hisyam M, Chairman & Interim CEO, Hada DBank stated;

“We are ecstatic on the purchase of HADACoin and to forge a partnership with Uberstate by having them as our corporate client which is a mark of confidence on our Banking project. Having 2 blockchain-based projects working together is the true meaning of blockchain economy that represents 1 of the spirits of blockchain in general, sharing economy. We’re looking forward to work with Uberstate in servicing their clients in the nearest future and to forge more partnerships with not just blockchain-based but also common entities in our effort to introduce HADA DBank Banking products and services to the mass market.”

When contacted, Überstate CEO, Jess Davis has this to say

“Überstate views HADA DBank as a partner in every respect in the blockchain banking industry. We are very confident in the abilities of HADA DBank to full fill its mission as an Islamic bank on the blockchain and help evolve current the state of the banking industry internationally. We would like to thank DE Asset Management and F1 Cryptos for their role in this transaction and acknowledge Both Michael Buchbinder and Darrell Emmanuel as the brokers of record in this transaction and the fidelity of all parties involved.”

Überstate Real Estate Investment Tokens will revolutionize real estate investment through direct fractional ownership of Large-scale hospitality based assets and businesses; the underlying value of the token itself is backed by Real assets and the utility of the token in exchange for goods and services in our various locations globally.

Überstate has designed and developed an investment platform that is 100% automated and allows direct investment into Large Scale Commercial Real Estate Developments and Businesses via blockchain based securities tokens.

They will soon conduct their official token sales. Exact dates will soon be announced.

The Hada DBank Token Sale

The FIRST 1,000,000 HADACoins will be priced at 3,000 HADA per 1 ETH. The normal price structure will be in effect for the remaining units at 1 ETH per 1,500 HADA. There will be a minimum contribution of 0.15 ETH per transaction.

Following the success of its Pre-sale, Hada DBanks aims to reach its soft cap at 5,000 ETH and hard cap 30,000 ETH respectively to further progress at a desirable pace.


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