HashingSpace Corporation Launches Bitcoin Mining Pool with iOS and Android Apps

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HashingSpace Corporation Launches Bitcoin Mining Pool with iOS and Android Apps
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HashingSpace offers a more user-friendly and functional pool for bitcoin mining.

HashingSpace Corporation continues its way towards the best provider of bitcoin solutions in the world. It hasn’t been long since it came up with announcement of Fortress One Data Center construction in Washington. The company doesn’t conceal its intention to take the bitcoin society by storm.

Despite the fact that HashingSpace already owns a number of data centers, a new one is constructed at a state-of-the-art level. Ross & Baruzzini, leading design firm in the USA, was invited to develop the project. Heads of the two companies, Timothy Roberts (HashingSpace) and Michael Shea (Ross & Baruzzini), have worked together before so the cooperation promises to be efficient.

Today HashingSpace pleasantly surprised its customers and all bitcoin enthusiasts one more time. The opening of new bitcoin mining pool called HashPool was announced. The pool can boast of a more functional and user-friendly system. Any interested person can start using it through the hashpool.com website or app store.

Timothy Roberts says about obvious advantages of HashPool: “We are excited to bring to the Bitcoin marketplace what we feel is the most well designed and user friendly mining pool portal and mining pool apps available. This allows our customers to maximize their mining capabilities and increase their profits, I personally used the top 10 pools and took what I felt was missing or was hard to use and built what I believe is the best pool app on the market.”

Thus HashingSpace has just moved forward aiming at providing the best bitcoin services. The created mining tool will give bitcoin miners all over the world a great possibility to improve their mining capabilities. The app is available for purchase from the iTunes or Google play store.

One can get a perfect mining pool for iOS and Android for just $29.95 while web version is free at all. The developers name the following features among the most significant in their invention:

  • All Pools are GEO-IP load-balanced for highest efficiency and lowest latency;
  • One node URL will find the closest and lowest latency node with automatic failover;
  • PUBLIC P2POOL – Peer to peer pools all working together to accelerate payouts;
  • PUBLIC STRATUM POOL – For large mining operators;
  • Unified user reporting for all nodes;
  • Web – iOS – Android App ready;
  • DDOS Protected;
  • More Intuitive and user friendly interface;
  • Miner alerts based on Hash power and up/downtime;
  • Robust reporting and analytics;
  • Prompt payouts and rewards;
  • Comprehensive Hashing reports;
  • Seeing higher payouts than other top pools.

If you see HashPool as a great possibility for your bitcoin business, visit official website for more information.

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