How TriForce Tokens & Busca Todo Plan to Grow The Gaming Industry with Blockchain in Latin America

February 15th, 2018 at 11:21 am UTC · 9 min read

Recognizing the suitability of UK-based blockchain gaming innovator TriForce Tokens to further innovate the space and empower players with new ways to earn while playing, several organizations working within Latin American gaming industries have shown interest in pursuing cooperation to use FORCE cryptocurrency in the gaming industry there.

TriForce Tokens is pleased to officially partner with Busca Todo, owners and operators of, and the #1 Videogame and PC Gaming Site in Chile:

Cryptocurrency is the beginning of something great as it is already permeating markets that seemed out of reach years ago. We are truly excited about joining forces with TriForce Tokens and revolutionize the gaming experience in Latin America once more. Gamers in Latin America will now have the opportunity to earn money through gaming, as simple as that”.

Ramon Toledo, CEO, President & Founder, Busca Todo

With FORCE’s introduction to the Latin American games market players will be able to pool all their virtual assets into a single ecosystem – independent of game, studio, developer or platform. That means new ways to play and new ways to profit: help others to level up, join raids, trade virtual assets, use them on different games, earn rewards from in-game bounties – even earn from their own gaming skills.

“We see such a fantastic opportunity for growth of the games industry in Latin America, it made complete sense to partner with Busca Todo who will be key in helping to establish our games currency there. Through this partnership we want to empower both players and game developers, working to boost the games industry in Latin America.”

– Pete Mardell, CEO TriForce Tokens

Busca Todo and TriForce Tokens

As part of its vision to progressively consolidate its position in the gaming industry through strategic partnerships, TriForce Tokens is now looking to penetrate Latin America markets, alongside the leading publisher for video game content in Latin America, Busca Todo.

Busca Todo boasts a huge network, focusing exclusively on Spanish-speaking users across the globe and generates over 50 million page views on any given month. In a mutually beneficial partnership, TriForce Tokens and Busca Todo will aim to integrate a platform driven by the FORCE token, focused on solving the real issues facing the industry through the implementation of State-of-the-Art entertainment networks, premium content offerings, specialized user experience and social interaction with Spanish-speaking users.

Current LatAm game developers and studios still face an uphill struggle in raising capital to develop their ideas, and face other issues concerning Industry privacy, while gamers still lack an environment in which to consolidate their online wealth.

Many gaming industry organizations in Latin America believe that TriForce Tokens ‘FORCE’ token, the digital asset native to its ecosystem, could provide the solutions for this. And to that effect, they have approached the project to bring these solutions to gamers and developers. Busca Todo will offer TriForce Tokens a varied range of services that will help it integrate with the Latin American gaming market.

Busca Todo’s ‘Level Up’ YouTube channel, (which recently hit 1 million views) offers TriForce Tokens the Ideal platform to launch from in the Latin American Market. Started in 2009, Level Up is currently Latin America’s leading online gaming community and social networking arena. The interactive platform boasts a huge Spanish-speaking global subscriber base and features news, reviews, game previews, shows and a plethora of game trailers to its dedicated community. The platform has a reputation as a credible source of information and content to the Spanish-speaking hardcore gaming community, throughout Latin America and the world.

Together, TriForce Tokens and Busca Todo have devised a fresh an innovate blockchain solution to some of the gaming world’s longest standing issues. With a strong focus on eliminating piracy, and creating a safe, rewarding, community-based environment, backed by the Latin American government and numerous regional gaming organizations, their partnership has the potential to revolutionize the global gaming landscape forever.

Latin America: The $4.1 billion industry that is booming

Ignored for many years during the early digital age, Latin America has quietly embraced the globalization of gaming and, aided with the widespread use of mobile devices, has emerged as one of the world’s fastest growing gaming market.

Mexico leads the way in growth in this area, recording over $1.4 billion in gaming revenue last year, with above-average spending in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile helping to fueling a $4.1 billion industry that is set to grow rapidly.

The rapid growth is largely thanks to early efforts by LatAm governments since the 2000s, injecting significant funding to encourage development of digital gaming. The creative industry in Mexico, for example, accounts for almost 5% of its GDP while Uruguay’s government has directly funded games like 1811 and D.E.D through its state-controlled incubator Ingenio.

Could TriForce Tokens bring a new gaming cryptocurrency to Latin America?

In some ways, Latin American gamers already benefit from more advanced options than even their North American counterparts. For example, the majority of money spend on games are through mobile payments, unlike in the US, where credit cards are still the most-used method of payment.

But there remains much to be done to truly bring the industry to the forefront in the region. Game developers still face huge challenges in raising capital to develop their ideas, for instance. A second persistent issue has been the lack of a standard for value that can be exchanged across platforms and games.

Some gaming industry organizations in Latin America believe that TriForce Tokens’ FORCE tokens, the digital asset native to its ecosystem, could provide the solutions for this. And to that effect, they have approached the project to bring these solutions to gamers and developers.

Among gamers, cross-platform, blockchain-based FORCE tokens would provide the perfect solution to the problem of building and maintaining their in-game wealth across different games and multiple platforms. FORCE would also allow for seamless interactions between players and developers. Players will be able to help one another with in game activities in exchange for this new gaming crypto-currency, whilst developers and publishers can attract players with rewards, incentives them to reach achievements and keeps players playing for longer.

Danny Montaner, AKA fRoD, E-sports manager of FaZe Clan and former world champion CS:GO professional recently joined the new cryptocurrency project as an advisor and agrees it is set to shape the future of gaming.

“TriForce Tokens quickly caught my attention with the aim at being a community centered token. Not only is there various forms of protection and security, there is everything you would need to engage in your community. Also, it is important to note that there are multiple sources of revenue generation that is untapped for any content creator and developer. This is something the industry lacks as there are no profitable solutions to engage in the community, while growing it and securing it”

Danny Montaner, fRoD

The adoption and use of FORCE across the gaming industry opens up a proven venture capital mechanism: crowd funding secured by smart contract technology on a transparent, accountable blockchain. This would lead to rapid growth in idea development and an explosion in the production of unique game titles from the region, will be exposed to international markets.

Consolidating strategic partnerships in the gaming industry

As work continues on the technological developments of FORCE and the TriForce Tokens gaming ecosystem, the company continues to strengthen its position in the industry through progressive consolidation of strategic partnerships.

Recognizing the value of advocacy within legitimate frameworks, it has already established full membership with TIGA, the UK-based games and publisher network and trade association. It is also a corporate member of the Crypto Valley Association incubator supported by the Swiss government. The project also benefits from the business cooperation with the academia of Coventry University Enterprises Ltd, alongside an on-going IP audit for technology and brand with the UK government’s Innovate UK.

About TriForce Tokens

TriForce Tokens empowers the players, giving back to those that power the industry. Providing true revenue generation options, a social hub connected directly to the entire gaming community, a unique reward and honouree system all whilst you continue playing the games you love.

TriForce Tokens’ vision of a global gaming network addresses the prohibitive barriers of market entry and cross platform communication. TriForce Tokens will offer ways to rapidly deploy common features across any platform and any game, such as tournaments, P2P trading and peer ranking. Instead of replacing existing revenue models, the technology will assist the expansion of new revenue models.

The transparency afforded by TriForce Tokens will also foster happy, safe and ethical communities, where a unique honouree system will recognize players for collaboration and assisting others. To improve player retention, TriForce Tokens also assists developers with providing novel gaming experiences, using big data crunching and behavioural analysis to provide deep player insights.

TriForce Tokens’ blockchain solution also promises an authentication network to help developers minimise piracy concerns, while also allowing them to extract some revenue from pirated content. Backed by an ensemble of experts from a range of sectors, including corporate management, online gaming, computer security and blockchain development.

About Busca, Corp.

Busca Todo. ( is a leading digital entertainment network in Mexico, Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market. The company has offices in La Jolla, California; Tijuana and Mexico City, Mexico; Santiago, Chile; and now Bogota, Colombia. Busca Todo. is a culturally rich and diverse corporation with over 82 employees dedicated to niche markets around the world, and to leveraging partnerships with leading firms including Yahoo, Sony, Terra Networks, CBS, Warner Brothers Wurl TV, and NBC Universal, among others. Their primary properties include,,,,, and

About is part of Busca Todo.’s vast network of digital properties which also includes,,, and now, continues to be the leading online video game community and social networking website in Mexico and Latin America. Its interactive platform serves Spanish-speaking users around the world and features news, previews, reviews, original web shows, and video trailers for the video game community.