TriForce Tokens: Unique Blockchain Ecosystem Under Development

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TriForce Tokens: Unique Blockchain Ecosystem Under Development
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TriForce Tokens introduces its unique blockchain community, which will enables developers to connect directly with players, and players to interact with developers.

UK-based TriForce Tokens is a decentralized, Ethereum-based gaming platform. It aims to bring game players and developers closer together via a unique community, which enables developers to connect directly with players, and players to interact with developers in order to discuss all game-related topics, such as updates and new releases.

The team behind TriForce Tokens believes this arrangement will make traditional distribution channels obsolete and will also have the effect of making games cheaper, as well as increasing the rate of player retention.

TriForce Tokens already has a number of PC and mobile games under its belt, including Eximius: Seize the Frontline. Eximius combines FPS and RTS gameplay in a team-based battle format. More titles are in the pipeline.

As the TriForce Tokens platform is based on the Ethereum mainnet, its scalability, security and speed are limited by Ethereum, hence the incentive to create a native blockchain ecosystem geared specifically towards gaming that isn’t hampered by the limitations of a third-party system.

According to the developers, the TriForce Tokens blockchain is in active development, with a testnet pencilled in for the beginning of next year and a full release for mid-2019. In tandem with this, the platform will release its own gaming tokens (FORCE). These will be exchanged with the ERC20 Ethereum FORCE tokens on a 1:1 basis.

Among the key features, the platform will include Lisk Fork, which will be used as base blockchain, providing customers with high transaction speed and enhanced security. JavaScript compatibility will streamline development and deployment of third-party dapps (decentralized apps).

PoP and PoS represents itself a hybrid Proof of Play/Proof of Stake consensus model, which will empower the gaming community. Due to Zero Gas feature, no transaction fees will be required within the platform. Third-party dapps will allow the platform to host third-party dapps to increase the roster of games on the network. And, finally, Non-Fungible Tokens – non fungible tokens, which will be offered alongside regular tokens.

According to publicity material, the TriForce Tokens sale is currently in its final stage, with the tokens set at 1 FORCE for USD 0.15. Bonuses during this phase will be reducing weekly from 5 to 15 percent.

TriForce Tokens are making a bold move in creating their own gaming-focused blockchain, but it is one that could pay significant dividends. Apart from the increased scalability, security and speed it will bring, it will give the platform’s developers increased control over the operation, in addition to more scope for developing further technologies and titles. Third-party game developers and players also stand to gain, as increased interaction between the two camps can only be good for innovation and the industry as a whole.

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