TriForce Tokens Releases Beta Version of Mobile MOBA Game Wargate

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TriForce Tokens Releases Beta Version of Mobile MOBA Game Wargate

Decentralized platform TriForce Tokens bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and gamers allowing players and developers to earn while doing what they enjoy.

The peer-to-peer Ethereum based gaming community application & network, TriForce Tokens, is proud to announce the launch of its beta mobile MOBA game app RaidParty on 7th May 2018.

This announcement is not the only update from the blockchain gaming platform, as it has also announced a new partnership integral to the platform’s launch, a partnership with Cambridge-based game publishing studio, TheGameWall Studios. This collaboration will expose TriForce Tokens to the thriving market of Latin Americans indie game communities. TheGameWall Studios, the creator of Guns and Robot and many others hit games, is a globally recognized indie game developer, which is listed among top most approved games studios to BETA test Unreal Engine 4.

Racking up Partnerships

TriForce Tokens has also announced recent partnerships with and, making the tokens instantly accessible to several millions of active gamers distributed across the world.

TriForce Tokens’s beta launch of its mobile MOBA game app, RaidParty, is slated for the 7th May 2018 alongside a whopping 10 ETH winner’s prize. To win the prize, a player will have to rank first in the fast-paced 3 vs 3 multiplayer MOBA game on mobile, going home with 10 ETH equivalent of thousands of dollars. Interested participants will have to complete in nothing less than 10 matches in the course of the competition over a four week tournament session in order to be qualified for the 10 ETH prize draw.

Fueling Gaming with Cryptocurrency

RaidParty is a social engagement platform and a revolutionary connective link for gaming communities through the platform’s unique FORCE tokens. The beta launch of Raid Party app is open for the first 150,000 players. Users can also play and win prizes for other top games on the platform like Twisty Roads with a 3 ETH reward for the winner. Gamers with scores higher than 150 will be automatically entered into the RaidParty prize draw.

TriForce Tokens will also be rewarding players with FORCE Tokens for successfully executing certain tasks on some games. These tokens are tradable and come with loads of benefits including access to exclusive content. TriForce Tokens made headlines earlier this year in its first week of its successful TGE with over 21000 users registering for the event. In addition TriForce Tokens will also be giving out prizes in ETH to any user, who plays and wins through TriForce Token’s flagship game WarGate.

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