ImmVRse Set to Make VR Millionaires

Place/Date: London - June 24th, 2018 at 10:06 pm UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Adrian Chan, Source: ImmVrse

Blockchain Company ImmVrse According to a new research accrued out in the UK, many seven to 11-year-olds are turning to modern technology as they consider their career paths, rather than professions such as police officer or doctor.

The survey, which involved 13,000 UK primary school children, was carried out by the Education and Employers charity, asked children to draw pictures of the job they wanted to do when they grow up. Other studies carried out by travel company, First Choice, showed that one-third of respondents said they wanted to be a YouTuber.

So what makes being a content creator so desirable? Aside from the fact that the ‘YouTubers’ get paid for every 1000 ad views, it also opens huge potential for them to be recognised globally.

YouTube has truly been a game-changer in the Internet age, allowing anyone with a camera and access to a computer to share their talents with an international audience, with a simple click of a button.

The ImmVrse Platform

ImmVRse the platform dedicated for VR content is leading the way to improve the already successful model further, by allowing VR content creators to be able to sell their content as well as to receive employment contracts from prospective employers.

Described as the “VR Child of YouTube and Freelancer” by COO, Limon Rahman, the platform is set to make millionaires out of the VR community by combining the very best creative minds, in order to maintain the momentum and growth of VR content going.

As a medium with seemingly limitless potential, VR content creation is merely in its infancy. ImmVRse hopes that their platform and eco-system will allow VR content creators to thrive and innovate, to break boundaries and create revolutionary content that will one day establish VR as the ultimate medium.

Farabi Shayor, CEO, and founder of ImmVRse added,

“One of the key problems of the VR content industry is the current fragmentation and lack of opportunity for producers to make a lot of money. Within our platform, not only can they receive advertising revenue, but they can also sell their content to buyers and receive job offers from brands.”

ImmVRse is proud to announce their newest team member taking the helm of Chief Strategy Officer. Arwen Smit, who is the founder of DOVU, a highly successful mobility ICO in 2017 is joining the team to add to the already ensemble of tech experts.

ImmVRse presale is currently running and the initial support has been outstanding. Contributors are advised to join the safe and secure site hosted by TokenGet to benefit from the 25% bonus.

The ImmVRse Team

ImmVRse is backed by an ensemble of experts from a range of sectors, including relevant technologies, IT Management, VR, computer security and blockchain development.

Some of its key team members include:

  • Farabi Shayor, CEO

Farabi has over 10 years experience in developing market deliverables, brand identities and financial analysis focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Farabi comes from a mix of finance (BSc) and marketing (MSc) background and is now leading a small team from Imperial College London to conduct R&D on VR-Neuroscience.

  • Limon Rahman, COO & Co-Founder

Limon is a highly driven tech entrepreneur with practical hands-on experience, forming successful businesses in numerous fields. Additionally, with 15 years of experience in financial control and management, including overseeing budgets of over $300m.

  • Adrian Chan, Head of Marketing

Four years’ experience in Marketing and Journalism, previously Co-Founder of MadBuzzHK, proficiency in online content development. Adrian achieved an MSc in Marketing Communications and Advertising.

  • Mark Higgins, Chief Information Officer

Mark has 20 years’ experience in IT project management and is highly experienced in managing multi-million dollar IT infrastructure, disruptive technologies and application projects.

  • Peter Gostincar, Chief Technical Officer

Peter has over 8 years of experience as a developer, highly skilled in managing large-scale software and android app development project with some of the largest companies in EU, Expert in JS, Python PHP, JAVA, and SQL.

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