IOHK Submits Update Proposal to Hard Fork Cardano Testnet and Begins Countdown for Vasil Mainnet Upgrade

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IOHK Submits Update Proposal to Hard Fork Cardano Testnet and Begins Countdown for Vasil Mainnet Upgrade
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The Cardano blockchain developer, Input-Output, has started counting down toward the launch of the long-awaited Vasil Network Upgrade.

Input-Output announced on the 29th of June that he had submitted an update proposal to hard fork the Cardano testnet. The company said changes from the Vasil hard fork would take effect on the 3rd of July at 20:20 UTC.

Input-Output rolled out Cardano node 1.35.0 last week, marking an “important milestone” for the developers. The developers got to the safe point of securing a sufficient level of chain density to move forward with the Vasil testnet after onboarding 75% of stake pool operators.

The entire Cardano community has been looking forward to the Vasil hard fork. The hard fork is designed to scale and speed up the Cardano network. In addition, the Vasil hard fork will onboard new technologies into Cardano, resulting in improved data storage and access and more efficient block propagation. According to Input-output, the Vasil Network Upgrade is also the “biggest and best” for Cardano. The blockchain developer added that some of the benefits of the upgrade include lower costs, improved script performance, and efficiency. Input-Output confirmed that the Vasil Network Upgrade is its “most complex program” and the “whole community is involved.”

Input Output’s Cardano Begins Countdown for Vasil Network Upgrade

There is four weeks’ grace for developers, exchanges, and staking pool operators (SPs) to test the upgrade once it is implemented into the Cardano testnet. After this period id the hard fork of the Cardano mainnet.

“The community has requested a minimum period of 4 weeks to allow SPOs, devs & exchanges the time they need to test and upgrade before hard forking the Cardano mainnet. Once everyone is comfortable & ready, we’ll go through the same process to upgrade the mainnet to Vasil.”

The news on the upgrade is here after Input-Output said a while ago that it delayed the hard fork due to some bug issues. Although the company did not state that the bugs were severe, it allowed additional time for testing. The team said there is an agreement “NOT to send the hard fork update proposal to the testnet… to allow more time for testing.” The developer also took some time to schedule the related date for the mainnet.

Named after the late community member Vasil St. Dabov, Vasil hard fork will expectedly enhance the blockchain throughput. Its position to significantly impact the blockchain makes it the most significant upgrade to the project.

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