Justin Sun Teases New ‘Multibillion Benefits’ Program

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by Teuta Franjkovic · 3 min read
Justin Sun Teases New ‘Multibillion Benefits’ Program
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Justin Sun promised that his new DLive and BitTorrent project would bring “multibillion benefits” to the TRON ecosystem.

Just when we got worried that something happened to him, the head of the Tron Foundation Justin Sun popped out with, what seems to be, his new project.

Calling it a “secret project” that will bring “multibillion benefits” to the TRX ecosystem, Sun tackled the public opinion once again.

However, let’s just bear in mind that the young Sun has pretty much famous for his sensationalist announcements with numbers that would shame even the one and only – Donald Trump.

The same goes to forecasting numbers of users – especially if it goes above 100 million.

On Sunday the TRON CEO revealed that there is an upcoming secret project for BitTorrent and DLive. As per his tweet, Sun claims that, what he was promising previously, meaning “multibillion benefits” that are expected to reach the TRX ecosystem, was only a “conservative forecast.”

And of course, this isn’t the first time Sun made such an announcement. We all remember October last year when he again promised the onboarding of “billions of customers.”

Of course, hardly anyone takes him seriously nowadays especially given his long history of crazy promises, teases and predictions.

‘Announception’ as Sun’s Signature

We can even say that exactly Justin Sun was the motivation for the creation of the term ‘announception’ used to describe his aptitude for making loud, empty announcements.

However, let’s try to look at the facts this time, shall we? Even though he already has the largest follower count in the crypto space, Sun may have good reason to keep making loud noises. If we analyze Sun’s Twitter followers and compare it to his Google search presence, we can find some major differences.

There’s a very big chance that the huge majority of Sun’s Twitter followers are bought and paid for. If that is true, then this all makes sense. Perhaps he just wants to be noticed. Be it as it may, Justin Sun is not the only one in cryptocurrency space who is trying to manipulate social media for personal gain. Recently, a spelling mistake inadvertently exposed Binance chief Changpeng Zhao’s usage of paid Twitter commenters.

However, for TRON investors, it doesn’t matter who is good or bad. Whether this is only a tease or a real story – it doesn’t stop TRON price to grow. Pretty stable coin is predicted to hover between $0.2 and $1 in 2020. TRX price also depends on the market situation on the crypto scene. The more use cases and demand will be for TRON, the more it will cost in the future. So, this means that announcements like these could (for a short term) boost a price even to $0.5.

At the time of writing, the price was up 0.66% to $0,014.

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