Crypto May Be Down, but Klangaverse, Polygon, FLOW Could Be In for a Bull Trend

September 6th, 2022 at 4:38 pm UTC · 3 min read

The crypto market in 2022 broke many expert protocols and proved many promising financial advice wrong. For instance, when the market hit its highest point in November at around $3 trillion – at the time BTC was around $68,000 – many experts predicted BTC to peak at $100k by 2022. However, BTC dropped later below $50,000, then $40,000; these experts still maintained that these prices were BTC’s limits for the next bull ride. What happened next shocked the crypto industry.

Many crypto enthusiasts are patiently waiting for the next bull trend to kick off so they can profit from their already existing holdings which must’ve dipped beyond recognition. Meanwhile, smart investors are dollar-cost-averaging promising DeFi tokens while the market is down – others are diligently researching blue chip tokens to hodl before a buy season kick-offs.

If you fall under the smart investors, then you should watch out for these 3 altcoins with the potential to moon in the next bull trend. They are Klangaverse, Polygon, and FLOW.

Crypto May Be Down, but Klangaverse, Polygon, FLOW Could Be In for a Bull Trend

Polygon (MATIC) Continues to Put Ethereum at the Frontline

The Ethereum merge is here; before now, Polygon contributed to maintaining Ethereum’s credibility and integrity in the DeFi space. At the time many Ethereum killers like Solana and Cardano were on Ethereum’s neck – gaining traction in the DeFi space – Polygon made sure Ethereum remained at the frontline.

Now, Polygon is bent on bringing Web3 to our doorsteps. Its recent fundraiser and partnerships have continued to draw its vision of a decentralized internet to life. In 2022 alone, Polygon has raised more than $500 million in funds to power its Web3 dreams, and provide more utility for its native token, MATIC.

Polygon’s partnerships and utility creations could place MATIC in the frontline when the next bull trend sets in.

FLOW: The Greenest Blockchain for Web3

Flow has been on the radar of many up-and-coming NFT, Metaverse, and entirely Web3 developments and innovations recently, reason being that it adopts one of the greenest and most well-defined blockchain protocols in DeFi.

Flow blockchain uses a four-node architecture that identifies each stage of validation and maintains a Byzantine Fault Tolerant validation process. Flow is powered by its unique exchange and governance token, FLOW, which essentially maintains the energy and security of the network.

Flow’s massive appraisal has been due to its eco-friendliness, less cost of smart contract integration using its unique Cadence programming language, and fast transaction and block time and finality.

Crypto May Be Down, but Klangaverse, Polygon, FLOW Could Be In for a Bull Trend

Klangaverse to Introduce GameFi to the Music Industry

Klangaverse is a new ecosystem – built on Binance Smart Chain – decentralizing the music industry, removing intermediaries like record labels and client managers, and increasing creators’ earning margin for their work of art.

The Klangaverse ecosystem will be powered by the KLG token; meaning that anyone that wants to enjoy the ecosystem must hodl its native and governance token.

The KLG token will be used for many incentivized and play-to-earn protocols within Klangaverse. And fees generated within the ecosystem will be shared among the network’s contributors and liquidity providers.

Do you know you can get KLG at a much lower price than normal via presale? Simply visit Klangaverse’s main site, and sign up for its presale that’s all. And to crown it, you earn instant cash back bonuses totaling more than 500% when you make your first and subsequent purchases during the presale.

For more information about Klangaverse visit: Website, Presale, Twitter, Telegram.

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