League of Legends’ Riot Games New Shooter Valorant Will Be Launched This Summer

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The Riot Games’ new product called Valorant represents a new look at first-person shooters. With neat graphics and a range of strange weapons, players will have many magical abilities unseen in titles like Counter-Strike.

This online shooter Valorant is the first big recent release by Riot Games Inc, aiming at a competition with Activision Blizzard Inc (NASDAQ: ATVI). Previously, the game studio was busy with raising funds from the League of Legends.

What Is the Game’s World Setting?

Valorant offered by Riot Games will transfer the players to a magical world in the near future. The planet survives a major collapse and the governments disappear. The game’s distribution model is free to play, with people playing in two teams 5 masters each. The teams will achieve different levels of mastery similarly to the ones available in Counter-Strike, as they compete.

Players can use bows, sniper rifles, magical skills, and other trickery to defeat the enemies. If you ever wanted to see Counter-Strike evolving into something new and different, this may be your chance. In Valorant, according to the presentations on YouTube, gamers could send out a small drone to see what is happening after the corner. This is a pretty interesting feature that is similar to what the Flying Eye was doing in Two Worlds II or the ghost spell is doing in Gothic 3, Skyrim and a ton of other RPGs.

Per the game, one team must accomplish some tasks while others interfere with the plans. The game mechanics look more like the Counter-Strike with magic, tactical trickery and sometimes even airstrikes. The players could even build temporary walls to stop the enemies from passing or send smoke to cover traces.

Valorant Announce Keeps Blizzard, Riot Games Stock Price Up

Valorant’s graphical content looks more like a cartoon. Blizzard’s Overwatch and Epic Games’ Fortnite are two of the competitors with similar ‘cartoon’ visual style.

Interestingly, Blizzard’s stocks are rising after the announcement, despite some may have thought that they are set to fall because the previous trend was not very good. Riot Games studio’s stocks are on the rise too, with reports claiming they had an 18% growth during the last year and the 183% growth during the last 5 years. Such numbers are impressive for the industry where it is hard to monetize free to play games. It is great that people at Riot Games possess such a talent in setting up atmospheric locations, which was the flaw of Counter-Strike for some reason.

Riot Games is a Los-Angeles based studio with skills in creating engaging, fantasy-looking worlds. The graphics look soft and polished, the eastern style of locations from the latest gameplay video looks atmospheric. Level designers took the time to put effort into the buildings. You will seek to visit all the hidden areas on the map. This is not just walls and boxes, as it was in P2P shooters back in 2003. People’s demand for variations increase and the Valorant offers a ton of weapons and choices.

Riot Games Prepare a New Game?

League of Legends is named the most popular game on the planet. Blizzard and Valve must be unhappy because the Riot studio is announcing: they have other big projects in the magical chest. While Valorant is to be launched this summer, the other projects will see the light in the next few years. In Valorant, the player must prepare to die many times. It’s a tactical shooter where inattentive players will lose, as the gameplay flows much quicker than in Rainbow Six Siege, told the developers.

Players will have to buy guns every time the round ends unless they didn’t die on the previous level. You don’t have to buy the additional abilities to win the matches, but it helps. Each Valorant map will have points of interest and spawn points, as well as rich external design. The suits of the characters look groovy even as the game is not ready.

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