MyEtherWallet to Boost Interoperability with Aave and Ren’s Integration

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by Benjamin Godfrey · 3 min read
MyEtherWallet to Boost Interoperability with Aave and Ren’s Integration
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MyEtherWallet is helping to bring more value and interoperability in the decentralized finance ecosystem through strategic integration with Aave and Ren.

MyEtherWallet (MEW) has taken the interoperability feature of blockchain technology to a new height by announcing integration with Aave and Ren. The integration will take place via MEWConnect, the connection protocol that allows Dapp developers to avail their Dapps to the thousands of users around the world.

MEW’s Founder and CEO, Kosala Hemachandra, says:

“MEWconnect helps us continue to be nexus point for Ethereum and support the community’s goals of a broad and widely accessible decentralized ecosystem. We’re excited to have Aave and Ren integrated as well as other Dapps to follow, letting users experience the enhanced capabilities MEW has to offer.”

The beauty of blockchain lies in the strength of the technology to bring independence to users across different geographical locations. Thus, in this direction, the world has inched closer to achieving complete independence in relation to financial transactions.

While there are numerous blockchain networks out there, the Ethereum one has seen diverse innovative growth in recent times. It strives to help drive the decentralized goals of blockchain by innovatively creating platforms that oppose centralization. With hundreds of Ethereum based tokens, the MEW platform serves as a one-stop wallet for everything ETH with interoperable features.

Highpoint of MyEtherWallet Integration with Aave

Aave is one of the most popular DeFi Dapps and one of the biggest lending protocols, from MEW’s Dapp page. Following the growth Decentralized Finance adoption in the past year, the Aave (Ghost in Finnish) protocol came live in January. The highly secured platform aims at creating a transparent and open infrastructure for decentralized finance. Powered by Chainlink, the Aave platform has unique lending offerings that give true value to actors in the DeFi space.

Currently available on MyEtherWallet, this integration will help MEW app users follow the latest updates in Aave’s features. With the MEWconnect integration, Aave is making a home for the community on their platform, just as MEW makes a home for Aave on the MEW Dapps page.

Marc Zeller, Aave’s Integrations Lead noted:

“MEWconnect is the brand new synergy bridge between MEW and Aave communities, allowing safe and seamless access to Aave services for MEW users.”

Redefining Interoperability with Ren

Just like the blockchain technology, the Ethereum network, and the associated ERC20 tokens are all interoperable. As a result, MyEtherWallet’s integration with Ren is undoubtedly taking the interoperability beyond the network’s native tokens. With Ren, MEW wallet app users will be able to use their non-Ethereum assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Zcash in Ethereum DeFi Dapps.

This provision will even help increase the asset availability and finance options in the DeFi ecosystem. The MyEtherWallet integration will be further boosted drawing from Ren’s permissionless and Faster operation. Commenting on the well thought out partnership, Ren’s COO, Michael Burgess said:

“Incorporating MEW Connect into the Ren ecosystem expands our reach, and provides MEW Connect users access to interoperability for DeFi. So naturally, it’s a win-win, and we couldn’t be more excited for this and future collaborations.”

Prospecting the Power of Synergy

The partnerships between these Decentralized blockchain startups present such synergy geared towards shaping the future of DeFi. While the effort that has been put into getting nods from investors to adopt decentralized finance has been commendable, the unity each of the platforms offer at a time like this will have a tremendous bearing on the future of DeFi.

Consequently, the integration of Aave and Ren will serve as a way to bolster DeFi’s achievements while redefining its future.

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