New Project For Transmitting Bitcoin Over Finnish Tv Network is Under Testing Now

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New Project For Transmitting Bitcoin Over Finnish Tv Network is Under Testing Now
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Kryptoradio, a software for sending bitcoin across digital broadcast network, was created in Finland.

A team of developers launched a new project, called Kryptoradio, that broadcasts bitcoin and national finish cryptocurrency over a national Finnish television network.

Kryptoradio was developed to transmit low-bandwidth information over one-way digital broadcast networks.

The founder of the project, Joel Lehtonen said he intends to use Kryptoradio to transmit block chain information. The project is in its pilot phase now. Digita TV, a Finnish broadcaster, allows the system to transmit bitcoin transaction data through its digital radio network.

Kryptoradio sends information via the DVB-T network, which is utilized by TV and radio broadcasters all over the globe.

The project’s back-end computers connect to the block chain and turn the transactions into a data stream, which is then broadcasted over the network. Data is then received by a Linux computer connected to a DVB-T network.

Tuomo Sipola, who works at a technology co-operative Koodilehto along with Lehtonen, said the project eliminates the need for Internet connection while taking bitcoin payments. He also said: “Its a unidirectional technology, so the person who is selling something needs only to receive the payment information. Receiving a broadcast, you just listen to it. You don’t have to subscribe to some mobile plan.”

Kryptoradio could be applied by vending machines that sell various items. In order to accept bitcoin, the installment of DBV-T receiver and a Linux hardware subsystem is necessary.

When the machine’s owner want to spend bitcoins later, it is possible to sell them for fiat or carry out bitcoin transactions from an Internet-connected device.

In addition to transaction blocks, Kryptoradio is also sending Bitstamp’s order book and pricing data from BitPay. The communication stream is 7.5 Kbits/sec of bandwidth.

The project is also handling FIMK cryptocurrency. Krypto FIN ry, the organisation behind FIMK, pays 100 FIM each month to those who registers with the platform.

“With FIMK, we are using a simplified format which is not for full nodes, but contains everything needed for receiving payments via FIMK too,” Lehtonen commented.

Kryptoradio test phase is expected to finish in late October.

According to Lehtonen, the system is convenient and robust. It offers a second channel for data transaction, beyond fixed line or mobile Internet access. He said: “The signal is useful for bitcoin node operators, who can add fault tolerance by connecting to Kryptoradio in addition to Internet.”

Kryptoradio is not the first attempt to develop an alternative channel for bitcoin network. Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik created his BitSat project, which proposes to transmit bitcoin block chain data through CubeSats.

Lehtonen also added: “The system is open for everybody to develop these kind of devices. Our current plan is not to go into [the] hardware business, but we would like to co-operate with others. Currently we have been busy with the transmitter part so this is something we need to focus on at the end of the pilot stage.”

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