Pick-Up Lines Begone! A New Matchmaking App on Blockchain Connects Users Within Special Interest Communities

June 11th, 2018 at 4:48 pm UTC · 3 min read

With the mission of providing social apps to the cryptocurrency community, today Matchpool launched its beta version within its community for members to explore. Matchpool is a platform that incentivizes matchmakers to positively connect members of communities together. This is the first social app of its kind in the crypto world that combines the elements of community and matchmaking.

Pools by Matchpool is available on iOS as well as in a web version.

With a robust advisory team, including Hermione Way, Tinder’s former head of European communications, brand consultant and digital marketeer,

Matchpool co-founder Yonatan Ben Shimon says,

“We have been working very hard since our ICO to bring the Matchpool community a way to connect and matchmake with crypto, and today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our beta. We will continue to add features and perfect it in the months to come.”

The matchmaking app is designed with “pools”, or special interest chatrooms, for like-minded individuals. Pool owners and members can chat within the pools that they are members of, and they can also have private conversations once a match is made.

A new user signs up by creating an account or logging in with Facebook. Then the user chooses a pool to join or creates his own. When creating a new pool, the owner can monetize by charging for membership and/or charging for matchmaking within the pool.

Pools are either free to join or require a fee paid with Matchpool’s crypto token, the Guppy — for example, joining the “Dog Walkers” pool based in Barcelona, Spain, costs 120 Guppies. Additionally, pool owners have the ability to charge a cryptocurrency fee for match-requests.

Daniel signed up through Facebook and requested to join a pool that interested him: “Hiking & Camping”. The pool creator of “Hiking & Camping” accepted his request and Daniel began checking out the other members. He noticed Jenny, a woman about his age in his area who looked pretty cute. He thought, “How great would it be to go hiking with her?”, so he submitted a request for a match.

The pool owner, who serves as the matchmaker for his pool, reviewed Daniel’s request and forwarded it to Jenny, with the line, “Hey Jenny, Daniel would like to go hiking with you sometime — would you like to be matched with him?”

Jenny accepted Daniel’s request and the two of them began conversing in private messages. Daniel, who in the past used unsuccessful, cheesy pick-up lines like, “Did it hurt…when you fell from heaven?” was grateful for the already available commonality between them. He opened with, “Hey Jenny, what’s your favorite hiking spot? Mine is the Grand Canyon. We should go hiking sometime :)”

Pools by Matchpool beta version is now available to the Matchpool community. A version which incorporates Matchpool member feedback will be launched at a later stage.

Matchpool’s vision is to create and provide matchmaking tools that incentivise positive connections between people all over the world.

Ben Shimon says,

“We’re excited to get feedback from our community members”.

Matchpool uses cryptocurrency payments as a means for incentivising the crypto community to provide value to the rest of the network. This gives community owners and members a means of being appreciated for content or actions that benefit the members inside the network.

With matchmaking at its core, Matchpool is well on its way to providing solutions for community owners to run successful businesses.

Connect with the Matchpool community on Telegram, or visit Matchpool.com to learn more.



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