Ripple’s XRP Major Supporter Tiffany Hayden Sells All of Her XRP Holdings

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Ripple’s XRP Major Supporter Tiffany Hayden Sells All of Her XRP Holdings
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Tiffany Hayden is known as a major XRP supporter but she has sold off all her XRP holdings, citing bullying in the larger XRP community.

The self-proclaimed Ripple‘s XRP CEO Tiffany Hayden has ditched her position on grounds of being bullied by the XRP community. In a series of tweets, she explained her experience ever since she began complaining about some flaws with the system, where the XRP community was harsh on her.

According to the tweets, Hayden, who was considered a major supporter of the XRP project, sold off her XRP holdings. However, her sell-off might not have been a big blow as no considerable or absurd change was observed in the larger XRP market price.

XRP has been responding to a number of things, with the Bitcoin price movement a major contributor. Since mid-February, XRP, Bitcoin and other altcoins have been on the downtrend, where most have shed over 10% of the market price.

With Bitcoin’s huge dominance in the crypto market, its price valuation significantly affects the rest of the altcoins, however, this is not likely to be the case for long as the crypto bubble is nearing the end and crazy speculation will not be the only factor in the price valuation.

Ripple has been laying a strong foundation for the XRP to move along in the near future, and when the movement begins it might be difficult to stop it. This is because it has been partnering with major financial institutions to evolve cross-border payments.

Trading at $0.21 at the time of writing, the market price had hit a major support level, where it was initially before the 2017 crypto bubble. With the downtrend on the higher time frame reducing its pace, it might be a decision she might regret if the value skyrockets in the next few years.

Hayden Had Hard Times as XRP Supporter

In an emotional tweet, Hayden tweeted, that she is not holding XRP any longer and the supporters should now find something different to discuss and not her. She said that wherever any XRP supporters congregate, they only talk ill of her, which has been affecting and interfering with her family and personal life.

According to the tweets, she claims that there are gatekeepers who have excluded her from the network after she spun an expensive validator to assist in identified vulnerabilities. This brought a lot of friction with the XRP community that has a history of doing the same to anyone who talks or comments negatively against the XRP or the community.

Whether her exit will be a major blow or relief to the XRP at large, it may be felt later on if her claims are verified or come to affect the XRP ledger in the future.

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