Ripple’s XRPL Community Proposes New Fundamental Amendments on Ledger

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Ripple’s XRPL Community Proposes New Fundamental Amendments on Ledger
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Ripple’s XRP Ledger fundamental changes have been proposed. The community believes it should be possible to delete XRPL accounts within the Ledger.

Through its official website, Ripple announced the new amendment proposed by XRPL community. The proposed amendment is advocating for the ledger account holders to be given a chance to delete their accounts from within at will.

This is in accordance with Ripple’s agenda in ensuring a sensible evolution of the XRP Ledger that meets the majorities’ needs. According to the blog post on its page, Ripple is continually supporting the open-source community of developers in implementing amendments to ensure the performance, security, stability and also decentralization of the ledger.

Ripple’s Amendment Process

According to the post, Ripple has outlined a clear insight process in overseeing changes and improvements in the XRP ledger. The process requires a broad agreement among the community members, whereby the discussions are held in public forums.

This will not be the first time an amendment has gone through the set process to see an idea implemented. Last year the XRPL community got a chance to discuss a number of issues and the desired features to be added in the ledger.

The next outlined step in the process is converting the proposed ideas into a set of code changes. It is at this stage when the amendment can now be assigned to the feature, and therefore allowing those who support it to run it on the XRP ledger.

After users run the updated version, they are given two weeks to air their opinions regarding the amendment. For the amendment to go through, it must hold 80% support for two weeks, if not the cycle is scheduled to begin afresh.

The next stage happens if the amendment is enabled at the end of the set testing period, where the participants who do not agree with it will be blocked. According to Ripple, the purpose of the process is to avoid a hard fork by harmonizing different users’ views.

The community has been given a chance to see a new amendment implemented if it successfully undergoes all the steps outlined by the company. The discussion will be on deletable XRPL accounts where users will get a chance to completely remove their account from the ledger.

CNN Confirms the Interview with Ripple CEO

As the community gather momentum to implement the changes, they are excited to get a chance to hear from Ripple’s CEO in an interview with CNN. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has scheduled for an interview with CNN.

It was confirmed by CNN reporter Julia Chatterley through her Twitter account. She asked her followers and also Ripple’s community at large to forward any question to be addressed in the interview.

Partnership with the National Bank of Egypt

Moreover, Ripple is expanding its partner network.

It has become known that Ripple has partnered with the National Bank of Egypt to assist it in providing fast remittances. It will be the first bank in Africa to join RippleNet in providing cheaper services to the customers.

However, there is no information from the bank on whether the XRP token will be used in the framework of this collaboration.

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