Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Foldable Phone to Storm the Market with Its $1,379.99 on February 14

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Foldable Phone to Storm the Market with Its $1,379.99 on February 14
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Samsung has unveiled a new foldable phone called Galaxy Z Flip. Its price will be $1,379.99. And the pre-orders start just in a couple of days, on February 14.

In order to meet the teeming demand of users and to compete favorably with major rivals, South Korean Technology giant Samsung debuted a premium foldable smartphone with a flexible glass screen. So, it is the second smartphone with a flexible display in its franchise. Mobile communication giant Samsung has unveiled a new folding phone called Galaxy Z Flip and it will go for a paltry $1,380 when the pre-orders start from February 14.

Samsung Is to Beating the Competition with its Galaxy Z Flip

The mobile phone market is one of the most competitive in the technology industry, with firms churning out new products every day with amazing new products that are meant to wow users and attract new customers, and without attaching jaw breaking prices.

The three biggest producers of mobile phones in the world, Samsung, Apple and Huawei, are relentlessly wowing mobile phone users with new products every day, but the Galaxy Z Flip is a game-changer that’s ready to disrupt the mobile phone industry.

The new Galaxy Z Flip features a snapdragon 855+ processor, the 6.7- inch display is made from an ultra-thin glass. It has flagships specs, like 256GB of storage, an extra protective layer, which can lock at a right angle and a 5G network that’s faster than anything ever experienced.

 New Improved Camera

Some of the greatest innovations in the new generation phones are the evolution of its cameras. Social media is one of the greatest determinants of the kind of camera people use and the urge to out snap the other person increases the urge to get a new phone with a sharper camera and a fine picture outlook.

Samsung specialists have studied people who wants to upgrade their phones, and most of them are basically because of their camera. This is quite true because statistics showing that people will make 100 billion photos in a day during 2020, and there is also the high demand for video making.

Compared to 2019, stats show that people will probably spend 4x more times making and watching mobile videos in 2020.

The mobile phone evolution is getting really hot in the market these days, consumers are getting really agitated with a very high taste, other makers are also trying to beat the market, but with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the game just got a little higher and users would have a swell and fun time with the new flip phone.

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