Sp8de Bringing Fairness and Functionality to Blockchain Gambling

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read

Online gambling has become a hugely lucrative market as the ease and comfort of betting on the internet draws more and more users in.

However, there are concerns, especially in the fairness of the random number generation, but the alternatives are floundering themselves. 

In the Blockchain ecosystem, the power of this revolutionary tech is being aimed at many different centralized sectors, and online gambling has not been immune. The Blockchain allows for the unfair aspects of centralised gambling control to be removed.

The issue however is that although fairness may come with the removal of a centralised control system, the struggles of a busy Blockchain can render online gambling almost impossible. Waiting for 10 minutes to know the outcome of a game is non-functional for gambler in an online setting.

Blockchain Bungling and Gambling Questions

The currency online gambling space is in dire need of security in fairness, while the Blockchain gambling ecosystem continues to be hindered by mostly slowness and expensive fees.

Because Blockchain gambling remains the most effective way in which to ensure fairness, and effectively remove the centralised forces which can make a game a little more favoured to the house, it too needs a revamp.

A New Environment

It is through Sp8de that the online Blockchain gambling space has a chance to grow as this new ecosystem has addressed the problem of slow transactions. Sp8de is a platform upon which allows casino operators to utilize feature-rich gambling applications with zero-house edge, as well a s near to zero fees.

Built on Ouroboros, the POS protocol underlying Cardano, Sp8de believes it has found the answer to the scalability issue that could dog a gambling platform like this.

Required to make thousands of transactions a second, especially microtransactions, the Ouroboros protocol is able to handle tens of thousands of transactions a second.

This new ecosystem thus provides a functioning, and fair, platform on which gambling games can be built that eliminates two of the major problems faced by the industry today.

Jackpot Airdrop

Sp8de have also taken their ICO as a chance to demonstrate the functionality, as well as their understanding of the gambling scene, by entering their contributors into a pot to win an airdrop of tokens.

Much like a lottery ticket, the contributors with more tokens have a higher chance to winning a bigger percentage of the air drop, accumulating more tokens.

Bettering the Blockchain

Blockchain technology is still such a new concept, and it requires constant work to become a killer technology that can truly disrupt different sectors.

Blockchain gambling environments exist, but they struggle with scaling, Thus, when a company such as Sp8de comes along, looking to resolve the issues, the path to Blockchain technology becomes that much easier.

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