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Blockchain Sensor Data Marketplace Data Broker DAO’s Token Sale is Now Live
April 26th, 2018

Worldwide marketplace for trading sensor data, DataBroker DAO, has started its public sale of DTX tokens today, 26th of April 2018, following a successful pre-sale event. DTX purchases on day 1 secure a 10% discount.

DataBroker DAO Has Successfully Completed Its Token Presale
March 28th, 2018

Blockchain IoT sensor data marketplace DataBroker DAO has announced its successfully finishing the pre-sale for the company’s token, DTX.

DataBroker DAO Updates the Platform As the Token Distribution Event Is Currently Live
March 22nd, 2018

The DataBroker DAO team has updated the revolutionary data exchange platform as its DTX’s private distribution event has begun.

Databroker DAO Announces Token Pre-Sale for IoT Sensor Data Marketplace
March 15th, 2018

Databroker DAO aims to uncover previously inaccessible data, additionally allowing its users monetize it and recoup costs. Pre-ICO for IoT sensor data marketplace launch is scheduled on March 19th, 2018.

Databroker DAO Announce Token Pre-Sale to Launch IoT Sensor Data Marketplace
March 12th, 2018

DataBroker DAO, the first blockchain marketplace to sell and buy Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data, proudly announce Pre-Sale date of March 19th, 2018 – 4pm CET.