initial coin offering

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a means of crowdfunding the release of a new cryptocurrency. Generally, tokens for the new cryptocurrency are sold to raise money for technical development before the cryptocurrency is released. Unlike an initial public offering (IPO), acquisition of the tokens does not grant ownership in the company developing the new cryptocurrency. And unlike an IPO, there is little or no government regulation of an ICO.

Santiment Successfully Closes Token Crowdsale with $12 Million Raise
July 6th, 2017

First project partnered with executes historic two-stage sale

Logistics Company A2B Direct to Launch a Blockchain Platform, ICO Starts on July 12th
July 4th, 2017

As far as the A2B Direct platform is already operational, the ICO targets to finance transferring the platform onto blockchain.

Synereo Finally Lunched Content Monetization Platform WildSpark
June 30th, 2017

WildSpark allows you to share the content you like in a way that rewards both you and its creator using AMPs, Synereo’s digital currency.

ADEX Network Raises $10.000.000 In 3 Hours To Modernize The Digital Marketing Space
June 30th, 2017

AdEx Launches Initial Token Offering for its New Blockchain-Based Online Advertising Platform – Crowd Sale collects Ten million Dollars in Record Time.

DAO.Casino Raises $9 Million During the First Day of Its Ongoing ICO
June 30th, 2017

Blockchain-based gambling protocol launched its token sale campaign on June 29, 2017, raises $12 million at first day.

Rivetz Introduces Decentralized Cybersecurity Token to Secure Mobile Devices
June 30th, 2017

RvT Token Technology Can Enable Provable Cybersecurity Controls, Putting Device Security on the Blockchain

Digital Currency for Social Media, FreedomCoin™ Exchange and Minutemen Reserve (MMR) Announces ICO on June 29, 2017
June 29th, 2017

Digital startup Freedom Currency offers Minutemen Reserve (MMR), the currency of its platform to investors during the ICO, starting June 29, 2017.

Ongoing ATB Coin ICO Raises over $14 Million in 2 Weeks from over 1000 Investors
June 29th, 2017

Cryptocurrency startup ATB Coin has successfully raised over $14 Million from over 1000 investors as its ICO continues until July 12, 2017.

Pantera Capital Aims to Raise $100M to Launch ICO Hedge Fund
June 28th, 2017

Pantera has attracted institutional and individual investors interested in getting exposure to the token market with one big name that is not revealed.

KICKICO Releases Whitepaper Addressing ICO Market Problems
June 28th, 2017

The white paper details the company’s efforts to solve issues of campaign fraud for ICOs, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting.

Harbour, an Ethereum-based DAO for Managing Token Assets Announces Launch and Releases Technical Specifications
June 27th, 2017

Harbour introduces a democratic, community-governed framework to the blockchain ecosystem for managing and holding token assets by harnessing the wisdom of the crowd.

Decentralized Ad Network AdEx to Launch Its Token Sale on June 30
June 27th, 2017

The blockchain-based ad platform is expected to improve today’s digital marketing industry, providing higher transparency and minimizing the risk of ad fraud.

KICKICO Announces Whitepaper on Correcting Security & Accessibility Issues in  ICO and Crowdfunding
June 26th, 2017

Ethereum-based protocol, KICKICO, launched a whitepaper detailing current issues in ICO fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns and the ways their platform can negate risk of fraud via use of KickCoins and pre-launch checks.