internet of things industry

CES 2016: Microsoft, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Amazon Fight for First Place in the IoT Industry
January 13th, 2016

This year’s CES trade show attracted thousands of producers, with IoT developers taking center stage during the event.

Is the Internet of Things Future Bright?
December 29th, 2015

It’s clear that the Internet of Things(IoT) is going to keep enhancing efficiency of homes, enterprises, cities, leading us to a better life.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Wants to Dominate the Internet of Things Industry
December 4th, 2015

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has presented the new IoT gateway devices for gathering and analyzing data at the edge of the network.

Meet LogMeIn: a New Leader of the Internet of Things Industry
November 10th, 2015

The tech world is developing becoming even more powerful. And, the firms connecting parts of it are growing as well. LogMeIn is among those who don’t miss their opportunity.

Steve Wozniak Considers Internet of Things Industry Bubble to Burst Soon
June 11th, 2015

The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, predicts the Internet of Things industry will reach the bubble phase in the near future.

Microsoft Announces Its Global Plans for The Internet of Things
June 10th, 2015

Microsoft summarizes its Internet of Things plans and Windows 10 strategies.