Tesla to Hold Its Second Artificial Intelligence Day in August

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Tesla to Hold Its Second Artificial Intelligence Day in August
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While Elon Musk didn’t reveal many details about the Tesla AI Day 2, he said that the event will help to attract great talent to Tesla.

Tesla chief Elon Musk has dropped the announcement for the company’s second artificial intelligence (AI) day.

As we can see, Musk has promised a ton of cool updates. Alike other top companies, electric carmaker Tesla has started holding annual events surrounding specific subjects. This is exactly what other technology giants like Apple and Google do.

Tesla joined the bandwagon with the “Tesla Battery Day” in 2020 when the electric carmaker unveiled 4680 battery cells along with the plan to produce its own battery cells. Later in August 2021, the company held the “Tesla AI Day” focused on its own self-driving program. The event also saw Tesla unveiling a humanoid robot dubbed “Tesla Optimus”.

The upcoming august 19 will mark a year to the Tesla “AI Day” in 2021. Tesla chief Elon Musk has promised many “cool updates” but didn’t elaborate on what the company plans to do. However, he said that the “AI Day” seeks to attract fresh talent to Tesla. “Yes, the purpose of AI Day is to convince great AI/software/chip talent to join Tesla,” he added.

What Can We Expect at the Tesla Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day 2?

During the Tesla AI Day 2, we could expect Tesla to release additional details and the progress made with the Full Self-Driving Beta. Musk aims to have more than 1 million people in the Beta by the end of the year.

Furthermore, Tesla is also working on a new version of a self-driving chip in its in-car computer. The company could decide on unveiling it in August. Additionally, we can also expect some updates on the Dojo supercomputer program. Last year, the company unveiled the Dojo chip along with a working tile. Thus, we can expect more development in this regard.

Tesla is also working on its humanoid robot program and CEO Elon Musk plans to unveil it by 2023. Tesla shot to fame during the Covid pandemic becoming one of the top ten countries in the world.

Tesla has been reporting skyrocketing sales quarter after quarter with its revenue soaring very high. The electric carmaker also holds some Bitcoins on its balance sheet as of the latest Q1 2022 update.

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